Biden Begs For Foreign Aid After Single-Handedly Crippling America’s Economy

How stupid is Joe Biden? Well, stick around for a few minutes and you’ll find out.

It’s no secret that Biden is at the mercy of the radical environmentalist left. He has repeatedly said that he wants to embrace the toxic Green New Deal. Many of these decisions have favored left-wing environmental demands, even as they hurt Americans and our economy.

Soon after entering office, Biden shut down the Keystone XL pipeline, a project that would have meant billions for the United States. He further hurt our energy independence by banning drilling for oil and gas on federal land. In some states, that completely shut down their energy industry.

Today, gas prices are climbing higher and higher. And that’s not even mentioning the cost of electricity, nor the overflow into the cost of other goods (due to higher shipping costs).

So, is Biden going to reverse course and help American thrive? Nope! In fact, he is begging foreign countries to increase oil production instead.

The White House acknowledged Wednesday that President Joe Biden was not trying to increase domestic oil production to help lower gas prices in the United States.

During the White House daily briefing, Bloomberg reporter Josh Wingrove asked White House press secretary Jen Psaki whether Biden was considering ways to increase domestic oil production, after sending a public letter to OPEC nations to increase production of foreign oil…

Psaki argued that gas prices were higher than they were in 2020 but still around normal.

“Now, gas prices are still aligned with where they were back in 2018,” she said, adding that “they often go up in the summer; we’ve seen that trend over and over again.” [Source: Breitbart]

What a pathetic, dishonest administration. The White House knows rising price of gas is a huge problem. So much so, Biden had to send a letter to OPEC begging for help. But when pressed over this, Psaki pretends like gas prices are “still around normal.”

She tried to blame the summer for the rise in gas, when the price has been skyrocketing since Biden entered office in January.

Does Psaki or Biden think we’re really that dumb? We all know what’s going on.

Idiot Biden shut down our oil production to appease the radical left. Now that he sees it hurt the economy (and more important to him, his approval), he’s trying to find a way to lower prices while still keeping the green mafia happy. So, he has to beg foreign oil produces for more fuel, like the pathetic loser he is.

What a sad turnaround from just a short time ago. Under President Trump, America was the world lead in oil and natural gas. We were dominating nations like Russia and Saudi Arabia, exporting our fuel across the globe.

Today, we have to grovel to the same people who can easily leave us high and dry.

Is that what Biden thinks real leadership is?

Author: James Smith