Guess Where Kamala Was During The Historic Border-Crisis Meeting?

For much of the year, our border has been assaulted by hundreds of thousands of migrants. Nearly one million people from Mexico and parts beyond have waltzed into our country. And the administration does nothing to actually help the situation.

Previously, Joe Biden picked Kamala Harris to deal with it. She ignored the situation for months, refused to view the border, and traveled to other countries. All she “accomplished” was a promise to send millions of dollars to these nations—which would do nothing to stop the migrant invasion.

Now, Biden has been forced to send people to Mexico to figure out what the hell to do. Missing from this trip? Kamala.

Senior U.S. officials made a surprise visit to Mexico Tuesday to discuss bilateral cooperation on reducing illegal migrants crossing into the U.S. in record numbers.

Notably missing from the trip was Vice President Kamala Harris…

Biden’s National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas led the delegation to meet with President Andrés Manuel López Abrader (AMLO), Foreign Secretary Marcelo Ebrard, and Attorney General Gertz, among other senior officials. [Source: Breitbart]

Oddly, Americans did not hear about this trip until the next day. News actually first came out from social media posts by Mexican officials. Why would the White House keep this silent? Unless, of course, this is yet another admission of Biden’s failures.

The border crisis rages because Biden dropped all of Trump’s border policies. Now, his administration is scrambling to find a solution that wasn’t tried by Trump, so they can take credit for it.

This trip is made all the more ironic, when you consider Trump has already struck deals with Mexico and other Central American countries. The migrant crisis from 2018 quickly ended, when these countries agreed to various conditions.

All Biden had to do was reinstate these agreements. Instead, he sent a handful of our agency heads to discuss… something.

What has come out of this meeting? We’re not sure. The White House mentioned trying to curtail “irregular migration.” Mexico said they want “orderly, safe, and regular migration.” Neither mentioned enforcing immigration laws so that only legal immigrants can enter the United States.

Was a deal struck? Will the migrant caravans stop? More importantly, will the hundreds of thousands of illegals who bombarded our country this year be sent packing? Of course not.

Biden was willing to send a delegation to “discuss” solutions, but he’s not willing to commit to a real plan. That’s because, there are no real solutions that look any different from what Trump did.

There is no way Biden can secure the border, without admitting Trump was right. So instead, the administration dances around the issue—doing nothing.

Meanwhile, the United States continues to suffer, with no end in sight.

Author: Alex Smith