Stunning Video Shows Fugitive Democrats Getting Exactly What They Deserve

Justice is sweet. Especially if it’s well-deserved.

That’s exactly what was handed down to a handful of the fugitive Texas Democrats who broke quorum to spread COVID in the nation’s Capitol.

Texas House Democrats were served “civil arrest warrants” Thursday after they neglected their duty and escaped maskless on a private plane to Washington, DC, to prevent the passage of election integrity legislation.

Texas House Sergeant-at-Arms delivers a civil arrest warrant to Rep. Ina Minjarez. Warrants will be handed out to all 52 Democrats who fled the state in protest over an election integrity bill.

The arrest warrants were reportedly issued for 52 fugitives, but the “quorum-breaking lawmakers instead appeared to double down on extending their weeks-long truancy.

In order to thwart arrest and ultimately a vote on election integrity legislation SB 1, House Rep. Gene Wu (D), who was mocked for posting a photo while in Washington, DC, of a Caesar salad and Coca-Cola Zero with the caption:

“My legal counsel and I are working on granting the same protection for my fellow Texas House Democrats breaking quorum,” he stated. “We will not go down without a fight.”

Wu’s attorneys challenged the constitutionality of the warrant issued, arguing that it was illegal despite the Supreme Court determination of it’s legality.

Jason Vaughn, policy director of Texas Young Republicans, explained that the fugitives will eventually have to be present for a vote.

The truth is, at some point the Texas Democrats will return to the jobs they were elected to do. No amount of publicity stunts or appeals to the federal government will prevent a Republican-led state from passing common sense election reform.

The Democrats can wave goodbye to their drive-thru voting, 24 hour polling, and other measures that enabled them to steal an entire presidential election.

Author: Nolan Sheridan