Benghazi 2.0? Biden Abandons Those Who Need Him Most

If you’ve been following the news over the weekend, you already know what happened. Thanks to Joe Biden’s hasty and ill-planned withdrawal, terrorist forces have quickly taken over Afghanistan. The Taliban officially declared victory after they entered Kabul.

The government in Afghanistan has collapsed, The New York Times and other on-the-ground sources reported Sunday, and the Taliban have entered Kabul, the country’s largest city…

The president of Afghanistan, Ashraf Ghani fled the country around 10 a.m., Washington, D.C., time, with his core group of advisors seeking shelter in Tajikistan and effectively leaving Afghanistan in Taliban control. [Source: Daily Wire]

We talk a lot about Biden’s many failures as a president, but this is by far the worst. The United States has been working in Afghanistan for over twenty years, since shortly after 9/11. Numerous American soldiers have given their lives to liberty the country. All of that has been upended, in one of the biggest failures of an American president in perhaps 50 years.

Against the advice of many leaders and experts, Joe Biden pulled out our soldiers, leaving the Afghan army and government at risk. It didn’t take long for the Taliban to take control, seizing American weapons and vehicles.

Afghan citizens’ lives have been lost—with some saying more will die soon. On top of that, Biden has left over 1,000 American citizens in peril.

The State Department and Department of Defense said in a statement Sunday that there are “thousands” of Americans stranded in Afghanistan after the Taliban declared victory over the U.S.-backed government earlier in the day. [Source: Breitbart]

Apparently, thousands of Americans have been stranded in Afghanistan, as the airport fell into chaos. Biden is sending in troops, not to restore order, but to evacuate as many as they can in a shocking admission of defeat.

What’s even more shocking through all of this is how Biden and his administration pretend like nothing is going on. As if letting a terrorist network take over a once-free country was part of their plan. Biden hides from the media; hell, even his press secretary has taken a vacation. He does nothing has millions of Afghans fall under the control of a brutal and uncaring regime.

For Biden to do this—abandoning the country while leaving thousands of Americans stranded—is unthinkable. How could he have not thought this all through? Didn’t he have military advisors working out the plan? Didn’t they realize that if you pull American troops, you’d put citizens at risk?

The American embassy is being abandon, for crying out loud. Government officials mourn how we are leaving Afghan women and children to the dogs. For Biden to have approved such a foolish move shows just how utterly incompetent he is.

This failure casts a dark shadow over the entire Biden administration. He has not only failed the American people and our brave soldiers, but the many Afghans who are not in extreme danger.

Can any still defend this broken and corrupt presidency?

Author: Maxwell Jones