Not A Joke: Fauci Urges Americans To Give Up Freedom

Fauci, Biden, et al have proven exactly what skeptics of COVID and the subsequent vaccine have been saying all along: this is about taking away our freedom.

There’s been a major push recently to poke more and more Americans with experimental vaccines as the so-called “delta variant” causes an uptick of positive cases nationwide, increasing hysteria, and empowering Fauci.

Now, Fauci is so punch drunk on his own power, he has the audacity to appear on national television (a Fake News channel of course) to demand that Americans give up their personal liberties in order to allow the government to dictate medical treatment.

Dr. Anthony Fauci on Sunday urged Americans to “put aside” their concerns of personal liberties and recognize the common enemy: COVID-19.

“Put aside all of these issues of concern about liberties and personal liberties and realize we have a common enemy and that common enemy is the virus,” Fauci said.

And he didn’t stop there. Later in the interview, Fauci doubled down, adding to the chaos by claiming vaccines alone weren’t enough. Not only should 100% of the population receive a vaccination, but we should all do so while remaining masked up and in complete and total isolation.

The way to fight the virus would be “to get the overwhelming proportion of people vaccinated, but you also have to do mitigation, and that gets to the controversial issue of mask-wearing, and the mandating of things,” he said.

Fauci also said vaccine mandates for “personnel” in schools would be a means to fight the virus.

But as some states push for vaccine mandates, the controversy surrounding an imposed order continues to bloom. In Hawaii, nearly 1,200 first responders are suing the state over its imposed vaccine mandates.

In California, Gov. Gavin Newsom announced on Wednesday that all school teachers and employees must show proof of vaccination or submit to weekly testing.

In New York City and in San Fransisco, both mayors recently issues mandates for all indoor activity. Anyone who wishes to dine indoors, visit a museum, attend a concert, see a movie or a play, must provide proof that he or she has received a vaccination.

Such mandates are a complete and total violation of privacy and civil liberties, and legal backlash has already begun.

Author: Elizabeth Tierney