Renowned Artist Hits Newsom Where It Hurts – Gives Elder a Boost

In less than a month, California voters will decide whether or not disgraced Governor, Gavin Newsom, stays in office. An unlikely recall effort gained steam after the man was exposed defying his own lockdown orders.

The movement acquired more than enough signatures to trigger an election. While polls initially made it seem like Newsom was safe, things changed very quickly. Popular radio host and black conservative Larry Elder announced his candidacy, and removing Newsom suddenly became a possibility.

We can’t predict what will happen on September 14. But we do know that plenty needs to be done to turn around the once Golden State. One renowned rogue artist has returned, to help turn the tide.

Street artist Sabo has unleashed a new set of posters around Los Angeles, aimed at the upcoming California recall against Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) — and in support of conservative talk radio host Larry Elder, who leads potential replacements.

In one poster, Elder and Newsom are depicted as boxers, with Newsom, dressed in a Speedo, sporting Louis Vuitton gloves and wearing a matching purse around his neck. The poster jokes that the fight is presented by the French Laundry, the high-end restaurant where Newsom infamously dined with lobbyists in November, violating his own coronavirus guidelines. [Source: Breitbart]

Over the years, street artist Sabo has given the left no end of trouble for his right-leaning designs. His clever and iconic imagery has mocked and exposed the disgusting and hypocritical behavior of liberal “icons.”

He is known for putting up posters in the most unlikely places, from bus ad displays to storefronts. Sabo and perhaps an army of allies can get their work up in the dead of night, so that people see it on their way to work.

Sabo’s artist often causes outrage and anger from the left. It seems like they don’t appreciate being forced to face the ugliness of their own politics and way of life. Triggered liberals often try to vandalize or take down his work. But Sabo always seems to find a way to get his message out.

His current work portrayed Larry Elder as a hero who is willing to fight and save California. In one piece, Elder is reminiscent of a prizefighter, going toe-to-toe with Newsom, who looks like a pansy draped in a purse.

That’s a pretty good depiction of the real fight. A strong, uncompromising conservative facing off against a liberal who hides behind virtue signaling to mask his failures. Could be said about every Democrat in office today.

While momentum is growing behind Newsom’s recall, it’s unclear how this fight will shake out. California still enjoys a large liberal voting bloc. It will take a strong sense of anger and discontent against Newsom, for enough voters to come out and oust him.

Even then, they will have to follow through and give Republicans a majority in the state legislature one day, if they hope the state can be turned around.

Can that happen? If there can be a culture-shifting conservative street artist, anything’s possible.

Author: Timothy Smith