Biden Tries An Outrageous ‘Distraction’ Scheme — But He Isn’t Fooling Anyone

Despite the ongoing chaos unfolding in Afghanistan following Biden’s botched troop withdrawal, Sleepy Joe took to the podium to attack Republican governors over their defiance of COVID fascism.

The cognitively declining “president” has directed his Secretary of Education to use its civil rights policing authorities in order to block several Republican governors’ ban on mask mandates in schools.

Biden directed Secretary Miguel Cardona to use “all available tools to ensure that governors and other officials are providing a safe return to in-person learning.”

Cardona will invoke the authority of the Education Department’s Office for Civil Rights to make the argument that banning the widespread use of masks on campuses violates the right to a free, safe, and fair education.

The Far-Left ed sec. was featured in a New York Times piece in which he said, “The President is appalled as I am,” referring to Republican governors who dare to respect personal freedoms.

The governors of Florida and Texas have issued bans on mask mandates in schools, but liberal teachers unions have begun fighting back.

Six school districts in Texas have teamed up to sue Republican Gov. Greg Abbott for what they consider is government overreach, arguing that local masking policies should be decided by people living in a given area.

Cardona has been in contact with school district leaders in Florida and Texas who are concerned about the repercussions of defying their governor’s order, such as seeing their school’s funding plummet.

Biden said Wednesday that the federal government will be ready to stand with school boards that defy the bans. For instance, if a school superintendent’s salary is threatened because of a mask mandate, federal coronavirus relief funding could be used.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has warned educators that those who violate the executive order banning the mandates could see their pay withheld. Biden said Wednesday that he will “have the backs of the states trying to do the right thing.”

Author: Nolan Sheridan