Leaked Docs Tell All – And Newsom Has Some Serious Explaining To Do

In a matter of days, the people of California will decide if they want to fire their governor and replace him with a Republican.

While it might seem like a longshot that someone like Gavin Newsom could be recalled, the Democrat has done himself no favors. He imposed some of the strictest lockdown measures in the country… then proceeded to ignore them himself.

The state is being hammered with a variety of challenges, both economic and natural. Wildfires are roasting thousands of miles of land. Homelessness has become an epidemic. And thousands are fleeing every week.

Now Gavin will have some explaining to do, as a new report reveals what he did with billions of COVID relief funds.

California has received tens of billions of dollars in federal COVID-19 relief, something its auditor says was mismanaged by state agencies and created “substantial risk” to residents…

One aspect of misuse, she said, came in the form of an imbalance in relief funds between more populous counties and predominantly rural counties with fewer people…

In the rush to get people funds, the department paid billions of dollars in claims that since have been found to have been fraudulent, Howle said. [Source: Just the News]

Ugg… this is not good. California received tens of billions of dollars to help ease the pain of the pandemic. Now, State Auditor Elaine Howle reveals that a variety of state agencies “mismanage” that money, creating a serious risk to residents.

One particular “mistake” was how the state was sending much more money to larger counties than smaller, rural counties. While rural counties have fewer people, they were getting fewer funds per person than the larger ones. How could this be? Well, those larger counties include major cities, run by corrupt Democrats. And those rural counties are populated by… wait for it… conservatives.

Could the state have been discriminating against residents because of their perceived political views? We can’t say for sure, but that seems very likely.

(Keep in mind smaller counties had the same needs, if not greater, than the larger ones.)

On top of that, the state created an epic disaster in handing out unemployment funds. They were so sloppy, so hasty to give out funds, they gave away billions to fraudulent requests. That’s right, billions with a B were given to people who didn’t need the money.

Meanwhile, actual unemployed residents did not get the money they were promised. People who were forced out of work and were entitled to government support got nothing, as con men pocketed billions of taxpayer dollars.

This didn’t happen in Texas, Florida, or another conservative state. This happened in the most liberal state in the country, the one other Democrats celebrate as a model for the rest of them.

These crooked Democrats were so wasteful, so sloppy with handling money meant to help Americans, that billions were wasted or stolen.

Where are the criminal investigations? Who is going to get fired, or worse? We can’t say for sure if anyone will face consequences for this situation.

But we can be sure that the governor himself, who was supposed to oversee all of this, is held accountable. Only if he is recalled.

Author: Peter Jones