Trump Unleashes The Video That Could Take Biden Down For Good

Donald Trump is on the attack — and for good reason.

The United States has never witnessed such weakness from a supposed leader ever in its history. The fall of Afghanistan, the bombed out US-Mexico border, rising rates of inflation, skyrocketing taxes, historically low race relations, a new surge of COVID — all under Biden’s watch — and Trump is exposing it for all of the wold to see.

Bottom line: the United States needs REAL leadership, especially now. We are flailing out of control and headed toward a path of total destruction.

Luckily, President Trump is on Biden’s heels, not far from (hopefully) retaking the White House and correcting the errors of Sleepy Joe’s ways.

The ad, released on Tuesday, tells a powerful story in under two minutes of the complete and devastation felt in Biden’s America.

Released shortly after Biden’s press conference in which he surrendered to the Taliban’s demands to pull troops out of Afghanistan by August 31, the ad relays Sleepy Joe’s “America is back” speech amid a montage of footage showing the chaos in Afghanistan and the chaos here at home.

Take a look:

Biden committed to having all troops out of Afghanistan by the August 31 deadline after the Taliban would not agree to extend the date any further.

House Intelligence Committee Chair Rep. Adam Schiff – a “progressive” Democrat and key member of the Deep State – admitted the original deadline is “very unlikely” as evacuations in Afghanistan will be overwhelming process given the number of Americans, Afghan allies, and potential refugees currently stranded in the region amid an increasingly hostile security threat.

Defense officials confirmed on Tuesday that the withdrawal of U.S. troops has already begun in Afghanistan and will be completed by August 31.

Author: Nolan Sheridan