Kamala Claims Biden’s Afghan Withdrawal Is a ‘Success’ – It Doesn’t End Well For Her

As the chaos continues to unfold in Afghanistan, it appears the White House is changing tactics.

From the very start Idiot Joe refused to take responsibility for the Taliban’s takeover of the country. He even seemed callous and uncaring when talking about the desperate situation of thousands of Americans and Afghans.

His administration is scrambling to evacuate people, knowing they will leave many behind by the August 31st deadline.

But now, to salvage what little reputation they have left, the administration is trying to spin this as a success. The White House is claiming Biden’s evacuation efforts are the “biggest” in history (because we’ve never left so many stranded before). And they are actually trying to get praise for this from the press.

Pathetic excuse for a VP, Kamala Harris, is doing her part. She tweeted out how Biden made the “right decision” to plunge Afghanistan into chaos and terror. Now, people are blasting her.

On Wednesday morning, as the Biden administration was in the middle of the maelstrom caused by its disastrous retreat from Afghanistan, Vice President Kamala Harris decided it was a propitious moment to defend her boss, tweeting, “Joe Biden made a commitment to the American people when he ran for president that he would bring America’s military involvement in Afghanistan to an end. It’s the right decision.”…

Nile Gardiner, a former aide to iconic British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, tweeted, “A monumentally reckless decision. This is not leadership, it is an appalling surrender to the murderous Taliban.”

Shafik Hamdam, Deputy Senior Adviser to Ashraf Ghani, President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, chimed in: “Says who? The world is waiting to hear you about the women and children’s rights in Afghanistan and the evacuation plan.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Other comments pointed out that there are now “thousands homeless.” Some asked why we couldn’t have kept 3,000 troops in Afghanistan to offer support, when we have “35,000 troops in Germany” and “12,000 in Italy.”

Harris, like the rest of the administration, has shown an utter lack of leadership since the fall of Afghanistan. She hid out for days, as Biden got the brunt of the media’s wrath. Then, she ran off to Asia, hoping her photo-op trip would shield her from criticism.

Neither she nor anyone in the administration has taken responsibility or admitted their decisions were wrong. Nor have they tried to offer hope and confidence to the American people, during this trying time.

Instead, they are trying to spin the facts to protect their reputation. Harris knows that this is going to hurt Democrats tremendously in future elections. So, instead of facing reality like a real leader, she lies to protect the party.

Pathetic isn’t a strong enough word for her and the rest of this group of con artists.

Author: Alexander Johnson