Biden’s Post-Terrorism Speech Ends In Total Disaster

Joe Biden is watching his presidency crumble into ruin in real time. And he’s only got himself to blame.

The events that took place yesterday in Kabul were entirely his fault. As of the time of this writing, thirteen American servicemen were killed, 90 others are dead, and more than 150 wounded. Because of Joe Biden’s terrible handling of Afghanistan, the country is at the mercy of violent terrorists.

After hiding all day as the tragic events unfolded, Biden made an appearance. He spoke for only a few minutes about the attack, making an empty promise to “hunt down” those responsible. Considering this is a man who flees from danger, few are confident in his words.

But a presser that was supposed to instill confidence in the country ended poorly. Biden admitted he was being instructed on who to call on. And when faced with just one tough question, he ran.

“Ladies and gentlemen, they gave me a list here,” Biden said during the press conference. “The first person I was instructed to call on Kelly O’Donnell of NBC.”

McEnany condemned how closely Biden is being instructed regarding how to deal with the press, tweeting, “As White House Press Secretary, I NEVER instructed President Trump to call on a pre-determined list of reporters. President Trump could make decisions for himself, speak directly to the American people, and secure peace through strength…” [Source: Daily Wire]

Once again, we are forced to ask who is really in charge at the White House. As the world reels from the fall of Afghanistan, we watch as Biden admits he is being told what to do. Things got worse when he spoke with Fox News’s Peter Doocy.

“Do you bear any responsibility for the way that things have unfolded in the last two weeks?”

Biden said he bears responsibility for “fundamentally all that’s happened of late,” but then went on to blame former President Donald Trump for the situation…

“Donald Trump is not president right now,” Doocy responded as Biden continued to interject…

Cameras in the room shuttered as Biden bent over and closed his eyes in an apparent display of irritation at Doocy’s line of questioning. [Source: Daily Wire]

The country faces a critical crisis overseas. The fall of Afghanistan can have immediate repercussion here at home. And America watches as Biden crumples at a simple line of questioning from a reporter.

This is the clearest example of Biden’s ongoing failures as president, a sign that he is totally out of his depth. He made a terrible mistake withdrawing our troops from Afghanistan. Now, unwilling to admit his wrong, he continues to drown as the situation gets worse.

At a time like this, we need to see our president strong, confident, and determined. Biden is none of these. We suspect he’s never been that in his entire career. He has always clung to the coattails of others, be they his colleagues in the Senate or Barack Obama. Now, faced with real challenges on his own, he’s a total failure.

Author: Anthony Jones