Mitch McConnell Proves No RINO Should Ever Be Trusted

Are you getting it yet?

It’s becoming more and more difficult to spot the differences between the Democrats and the RINOs currently leading the GOP. Both march hand-in-hand to push radical spending policies, and both seem to have each other’s back until the very end. This week, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell proved just that.

The Kentucky Republican told reporters Wednesday that President Joe Biden will not “be removed from office” in wake of the deadly Afghan evacuation that left 13 U.S. military personnel killed, an estimated 200 American citizens stranded, and billions of dollars worth of equipment in the hands of the Taliban.

Impeachment, according to McConnell, is off the table even after the transcripts of Biden’s call with Afghan President Ashraf Ghani leaked. In the call, Ghani warned Biden of the impending Taliban takeover of Afghanistan, to which the U.S. president urged him to “change the perception.”

The White House is currently downplaying this development.

It remains unclear if McConnell shot down impeachment due to the lack of Senate votes, or if his past relationship with Joe Biden is a factor in his decision. However, more than 40 combined Senate and House Republicans have called for Biden to resign.

The calls for resignation stem from what one Republican House member called the deadly “nightmare” evacuation. The frustration has motivated Rep. Jerry Carl, a Republican, to co-sponsor a resolution which demands that the president “resign immediately” for proving “himself to be unfit to lead our nation and serve as our Commander-in-Chief” following the deaths of American servicemen and woman.”

Not only have Republicans been angered by the 13 U.S. military personnel killed by a suicide bomb outside the Kabul airport, but many feel America has been embarrassed on the world stage for leaving billions of dollars of U.S. equipment in the Taliban’s hands. Video footage has revealed to the entire world the Taliban parading around the country in triumphant fashion with the abandoned equipment.

And if that wasn’t embarrassing enough, the Biden administration has admitted that hundreds of American citizens have been left behind, though many believe that is a low estimation. Sen. Lindsey Graham claims the Pentagon is lying about the number of stranded Americans, claiming the number to be in the thousands.

When White House press secretary Jen Psaki was questioned after a military translator was left in Kabul. He issued a plea for help from Biden. This is how Psaki responded:

So is Mohammad still in Afghanistan, Jen?

The White House has also promised to save other Americans who Biden has left behind but said Tuesday they did not have any updated numbers to report.

Biden’s Tuesday claim he would do his best to save Americans, during which he also claimed the deadly evacuation was a success, Biden’s mood, too, has been noticeably sour.

As the Biden administration continues to falter, it’s become glaringly obvious that action needs to be taken. But without support from GOP leadership, the likelihood of sweeping action taking place remains low.

Author: Asa McCue