Biden Has Total Breakdown As Impeachment Movement Takes Off

There’s no two ways about it, Joe Biden is a failure. From the moment he entered office, he’s pushed policies that have failed to work. Many Americans have known this from the start. But the fall of Afghanistan was enough to open the eyes of many.

But being a pathetic, incompetent, disaster of a president isn’t enough to remove someone from office. As constitutional scholars will tell you, only under extreme circumstances can a president be impeached (or removed through the 25th Amendment). Biden can fail again and again, but the only real way he can face the consequences is at the polling booth.

Perhaps, though, Afghanistan truly was the straw that broke the camel’s back? Perhaps the incredibly terrible choices Biden made are just too much for us to accept. Maybe they do amount to treason or high crimes and misdemeanors?

That’s exactly what lawmakers are discussing right now. And the talk is growing.

Impeaching President Biden is “absolutely” a conversation that’s happening among GOP lawmakers, Rep. Kat Cammack (R-Fla.) told the John Solomon Reports podcast Wednesday…

“And I absolutely hear people loud and clear all across America, saying, ‘Why in the hell have we not impeached this guy? Why are we not doing this?’ Folks, elections have consequences, and we don’t have the votes…”

Meanwhile, the Biden impeachment conversation is spreading among American voters, with a Rasmussen Reports poll published Wednesday finding that 60% believe he should be impeached and 52% are calling for his resignation following his mishandling of the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan. [Source: Just the News]

Talk of impeachment is growing among Republican lawmakers, as more and more Americans are looking to that option. After all, Democrats impeached Trump twice over made-up accusations. With Biden, we have him rejecting the advice of military officials, abandoning the Afghan government knowing the Taliban was mobilizing, abandoning U.S. citizens, and even giving their names to the enemy.

So, why no impeachment right now? There seems to be plenty of House Democrats strongly opposed to Biden’s decisions (at least, that’s what they’re saying to their voters). But, according to Cammack, they will not oppose to Pelosi. And that hatchet-faced crone refuses to acknowledge Biden’s treason in Afghanistan. She needs him to pass her own radical spending plans, before she cashes out and retires.

Pretty pathetic reason for not standing up to a corrupt and failing administration whose leader is costing us American lives.

Thanks to Biden’s decisions, numerous Americans and many Afghans were killed. Hundreds of U.S. citizens are stuck behind enemy lines. Yet Democrats will not impeach, over a fear of an old, miserable woman?

I guess the only way justice will be served, is if voters reject this cowardly Congress.

Author: James Mangold