Psaki Snaps, Loses It On Reporter For Being a Man

Men aren’t allowed opinions in Biden’s America.

Their only utility is to construct and repair the entire infrastructure in America while withstanding constant attacks from “progressives” who seek to deny their right to exist.

Especially on abortion, men are forbidden to give their two scents regardless if they are responsible for creating the unborn child or not.

“Shut your mouth, you man!” was the message coming from the White House podium this week as Jen Psaki loses it over an abortion question from a male reporter.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki fired back at a male reporter who questioned Joe Biden’s support for legal abortion despite his Catholic faith.

EWTN Global Catholic Network reporter Owen Jensen asked Psaki about Biden’s abortion position, even “though his own Catholic faith teaches abortion is morally wrong.”

The White House “worried” other states would pass “copycat” laws after the Supreme Court declined to block a Texas measure banning abortions after six weeks, regardless of whether the baby was conceived through rape or incest, according to Psaki.

“He would convey to them, ‘I have asked my team to use every lever at their disposal to ensure you have this right,'” she said of Biden’s message to Texas women.

Biden, a Catholic who opposed abortion in the past and supported the Hyde Amendment bans on taxpayer funding of abortion until 2019, announced Thursday he had directed the White House’s Gender Policy Council and Office of Counsel to launch “a whole-of-government effort” to mitigate the Supreme Court’s decision, including through the Department of Health and Human Services and Department of Justice.

According to Psaki, the president was “eager to sign into law” a bill codifying Roe v. Wade, the 1973 Supreme Court decision that legalized abortions nationwide. But the White House was still considering the proposed Women’s Health Protection Act, she added.

Psaki did not avoid the word “abortion” during her briefing, nor did Biden in two statements concerning the Supreme Court decision issued on his behalf.

The war on beating hearts wages on.

The “my body my choice” mantra coming from abortion activists seems to only apply to women when they want to murder their unborn child, not for people who refuse to receive experimental medical treatment.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth