Terrorist Resurgence Likely Thanks To Biden’s ‘Woke’ Generals

At least he’s admitting it!

There’s no question that Biden oversaw the single greatest military blunder in U.S. history. His failure to secure the nation of Afghanistan from a Taliban takeover has resulted in a harrowing reality for the people that remain in the war torn country. His administration has also botched an evacuation mission, keeping thousands of American citizens and green card holders stranded while the Taliban seeks to destroy those sympathetic to the U.S.

And to top it off, Gen. Milley left behind an entire weapons arsenal paid for by the American taxpayer for the Taliban — and the terrorist organizations they’re associated with — to utilize as they see fit.

Last week, reports pictures emerged from the terrorist hotbed Iran showing the transportation of American tanks throughout the country and into Iraq. This is proof positive that the Taliban is selling off the left-behind arsenal to further their standing in the region.

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley said Saturday the U.S. troops withdrawal from Afghanistan could entail a civil war and a possible “reconstitution of al-Qaeda.”

“Is the United States safer today since the U.S. has withdrawn from Afghanistan?” Milley was asked in an exclusive interview with Fox News.

His response is jaw-dropping:

“I personally think that — my military estimate is that the conditions are likely to develop of a civil war. I don’t know if the Taliban is going to be able to consolidate power and establish governance,” Milley responded.

In the aftermath of the complete withdrawal of U.S. troops, the Taliban’s failure to fully control Afghanistan may embolden a number of terrorist groups that are currently active in the region, including al-Qaeda and ISIS, according to the ‘woke’ general.

Milley added that the first instances of the resurgence of terrorist activity in the country may come about “within 12, 24, 36 months.”

But should we really take his word for it? This is the same “expert” who claimed the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan was not likely – or at least not likely in a matter of days.

Responding to Griffin’s question about the vetting process of Afghan refugees expected to be brought to the U.S., Milley said he is “very comfortable” with the practices employed by the FBI.

“I think they said a couple of hundred refugees … popped red. Once the individual comes out as red, something is up. Then they go into an individual room and start interviewing with FBI, CID, NCIS, those sorts of folks. And then they work through whatever the issues were,” Milley added.

Meanwhile, it was reported last week that a known Afghani serial rapist – who Trump deported – successfully entered the United States as a refugee.

Don’t let these people fool you — there is no vetting process. The Biden administration is allowing hoards of potentially threatening refugees into the country; a group of people who in no way share our common goals, and are in fact hostile to the United States.

The truth remains: the Biden administration has allowed known criminals into the United States while citizens of his own country wait in peril, still abandoned in Afghanistan.

Author: Elizabeth Tierney