Americans Nationwide Start Chanting Biden’s Name — But It’s Not What You Think

Americans across the country are making it crystal clear their thoughts about Joe Biden has he wraps up a summer of utter failure. And these aren’t old, stogey Republicans expressing their hatred from the decrepit president – they’re college students.

The college football season kicked off over the weekend, and it was a beautiful sight. Jam-packed stadiums, enthusiastic fans — it felt like the pre-COVID America everyone is clamoring for — but tyrannical politicians want to keep away.

In now-viral videos posted to Twitter, multiple chants of “F*** Joe Biden” can be heard from the stands. The football stadiums were at max capacity, but the noise wasn’t enough to drown out what REAL Americans think of our current president.

During at least four major matchups, including two SEC games, fans sounded off with the chant. Check out the videos below.

This is the pre-Coronavirus America everyone has been dying to get back to. After most of the fans were kept out of stadiums in 2020, millions showed up in full force for week one with energy unlike anything seen before.

Even outside of the anti-Biden chants, stadiums were on fire. Whether it was Madison or Blacksburg, a clear message was sent to America that days of staying inside forever are long gone.

The wild, raucous energy of the football fans were a clear indication of, and a clear signal to, the end of COVID authoritarianism. Try as they might, Democrats continue to place restrictions on the American people, but at this moment, they don’t seem to be sticking.

That’s the kind of energy America needs, and I would say the same thing if they were chanting against any other President.

It’s just nice to packed stadiums and fans fueled up and ready to go!

Author: Asa McCue