Leftists Unleash ‘Punishment’ On GOP State – And It’s Totally Laughable

Democrats have been pitching fits ever since the Supreme Court refused to block Texas’s strict pro-life law. I guess the left had always relied on the courts to under our rights. And the one time their scheme didn’t pan out, they rage like spoiled children told to get to bed early.

Numerous celebrities slandered the Lone Star State. Democrats in D.C. have gone back to talking about ending the filibuster and packing the Supreme Court. But perhaps one city has come up with the most ridiculous—and hilarious—response yet.

The Oregon city, where protesters for months attacked police and businesses without consequences, is considering punishing Texas by ending trade with and travel to the state because of its law to protect the unborn from abortion after six weeks gestation.

The Portland City Council may issue an emergency resolution to ban city business and employee travel to the state of Texas…

“The ban will be in effect until the state of Texas withdraws its unconstitutional ban on abortion or until it is overturned in court. City legal counsel is currently evaluating the legal aspects of this proposed resolution.”

Ironically, Wheeler and other leftists are not issuing emergency resolutions over people who are murdered in the city.

“Homicides have surged since the unit was disbanded last summer after the Portland City Council voted last summer to slash the police bureau’s budget by $15 million,” Fox reported. [Source: Breitbart]

More and more, the left is looking like a deranged death cult that cares more about robbing Americans of their lives than protecting their rights.

The city of Portland, which has a reputation for encouraging violence, hate, and destruction, is considering a ban of all city employees from traveling to or supporting Texas.

How hilarious. The city council and mayor, a man who rallied with Antifa, thinks they are rebuking Texas with this half-hearted, pathetic ban.

Don’t they know that Texas doesn’t want people from the West Coast coming there? Plenty of Texans would be just fine if folks from Oregon, Washington, or California kept their toxic politics to themselves.

It’s pretty rich that Portland thinks it’s taking the high road with this ban. All last year these same “leaders” sat back as (liberal-funded) anarchists tried to burn their city to the ground. Antifa, BLM, and other Democrat-linked groups rioted for over 100 days in a row, trying to destroy a federal courthouse (and other property).

The city responded by slashing the police’s budget and closing a homicide unit. Portland is literally a crap show with crime out of control. But they think they are in the right by trying to boycott a state working to protect unborn Americans.

What a joke. If Portland really cared about the rights of women, they’d hire more cops to protect their streets. What good is it if a woman can get an abortion in Portland, but fears for her life just going home from work?

As usual, Democrats’ priorities are completely backwards.

Author: James Johnson