Trump Teaches Biden a Lesson On How To Treat Gold Star Families

While Biden vacations in his basement deep in Delaware, America’s favorite President, Donald J. Trump, was sending a heartfelt message of love, kindness, and appreciation to a gold star mother who recently lost her son in Afghanistan.

Trump continues to make a lasting impression on the family members of loved ones who, because of Biden, lost their lives to protect American citizens from the Taliban.

Joe Biden is making an impression on the families too, albeit a completely negative one. Multiple members of different families have expressed their dismay over Biden’s treatment of their situation, almost as if it were just another day for the ‘commander in chief.’

Many gold star families claim Biden couldn’t stop talking about his own son Beau in an attempt to relate to their devastation. His attempts failed.

During a ceremony of dignified transfer of the soldiers’ remains, Biden was seen repeatedly checking his watch, closing his eyes, barely alert and complete lethargic; the “president” had somewhere more important to be.

One witness at the event claimed a gold start family member screamed at Biden to “Go to hell!” across the tarmac at Dover Air Force Base.

Conversely, Trump has always remained respectful of these families, often revealing how moved and saddened he is by the transfer of the coffins back to America.

To combat Biden’s utter disrespect, the Former President has been reaching out to the families who recently lost their loved ones in Afghanistan, showing them how a REAL president treats fallen U.S. soldiers.

A Trump-supporting Gold Star mother received a heartfelt message from the former president Monday.

Trump’s message included a quote from the Stars and Stripes’ salute Sunday to Chappell’s son Marine Lance Cpl. Kareem Mae’Lee Grant Nikoui, who was one of 13 U.S. service members killed in the Kabul suicide bombing:

Trump’s message also shared a previous Facebook post from a grieving Chappell, where she thanks Trump for a past salute to her fallen son and calls him the “real President of the United States of America.”

Chappell noted, like Trump, she has had her Instagram account temporarily suspended and has been “shadow banned” on social media.

“Now is the time we fight back, and we don’t stop until we have our country back on her feet!” her Facebook post concluded. “Be #lionsnotsheep #america #landofthefree #homeofthebrave i am watching what i post and say that way i don’t lose my account again or get censored.”

God bless the families of fallen troops. May Biden’s inexcusable disrespect not stain the remembrance of your brave sons.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth