Biden Gets a Dose Of America’s Wrath After Visiting This Storm-Torn Blue State

It’s getting widely understood that Joe Biden is not the president he promised to be. The “moderate” is a slave to the radical left. Worse than that, he has no idea what he’s doing, lurching from one crisis and mistake to another.

Millions of Americans woke up to this reality after the fall of Afghanistan. Biden lied to the country, saying it was “highly unlikely” the Taliban would take over. In a matter of weeks, they were running the country. We learned that Biden knew the Taliban were planning an invasion, but did nothing.

Biden also failed to evacuate all Americans, even blaming those left behind. And his continued failure is making Americans sick. Even when Biden toured flood-damaged New Jersey, Americans let him know what they thought.

“Leave no American behind,” a resident yelled as Biden walked through a neighborhood with Democratic lawmakers and spoke with homeowners in Manville…

“You leave Americans behind. He will leave you behind,” another resident said to Biden and his security detail. “You guys protecting him. He will leave you guys behind.”

He shouted the name of a man killed during his military service in 2011.

“He lost his life for what?” the man said…

“You guys should be ashamed of yourselves. This is a Republic, not China. It’s sad that America has come to this. Despicable,” she said. [Source: Just the News]

According to reports, some of these people were shouting at him from behind their fences. Others were kept away from Joe by his security detail. Biden tried to brush off the heckling, claiming they were opposing his action on climate change. Uh… what?

Joe Biden is so unwilling to listen to Americans, that he ignores them when they scream in his face. Hey Joe, these people don’t give a rat’s leg about your climate plan. They are outraged that you let the Taliban take over Afghanistan—and left thousands behind.

Some accused Biden of protecting tyrants. Others shouted, “Go to sleep Sleepy Joe!”

What’s remarkable is that this happened in New Jersey, a relatively reliable blue state. For people in NJ to be blasting Biden… that truly shows just how much is own base is eroding.

And what’s amazing is this is all his own doing! He doesn’t have the media slandering day and night, as Trump did. Biden has the support of Congress and lawmakers across America. Yet he still ended up destroying his reputation and dooming his party in the next election.

Why? All because he lacks real leadership skills, doesn’t put Americans first, and is too old to understand what is going on.

Worse than that, he’s a puppet for some of the most corrupt forces in the country.

Author: James Graham