GOP Governor First To Take Stand For American Democracy

As Democrats seek new ways to cheat upcoming elections, namely the recall election of Gov. Newsom of California and the 2022 midterms, Republican Governor Greg Abbott of Texas ensured the integrity of American democracy in his state.

Gov. Abbott ended a long political battle on Tuesday when he signed an elections overhaul bill in his booming state after Democrats spend months protesting his efforts, claiming they weaken minority voter turnout and preserve Republican dominance — both of which are untrue.

But the Democrats are playing the race card heavy with this one.

Texas solidified itself as a conservative stronghold not only with the election integrity bill, but also putting into law the highly controversial Heartbeat Bill, which effectively outlaws abortion after a fetal heartrate is detected.

The laws are part of a national GOP campaign, including in Florida, Georgia, and Arizona, to tighten voting laws in the name of security, partly driven by Trump’s evidence that the election was stolen.

Hysterical liberals and minority groups wasted no time before filing lawsuits against Abbott and Senate Bill 1. The ACLU, disability advocacy groups, and others claimed the election security bill was in direct violation of the federal Voting Rights Act by intentionally discriminating against minorities. Yet not one member of these groups can provide any evidence that Senate Bill 1 is in fact racist or discriminating against minorities.

What exactly is racist about preserving the integrity of elections? The bill does not restrict voting rights for any citizen – including minorities – and merely seeks to eliminate the ability for Democrats (and Republicans for that matter) from utilizing the same cheating tactics used in 2020.

Some Texas counties offered 24-hour polling places and drive-thru voting, which are now outlawed under the new law. The more liberal areas of Texas also tried sending mail-in ballot applications to more than 2 million registered voters, but going forward in Texas, any elections official who tries sending an application to someone who doesn’t request one could face criminal charges.

Partisan poll watchers are now also entitled to more movement, and election judges who obstruct them could also face criminal penalties, which Democrats argue could lead to voter intimidation.

In response to new voting restrictions in GOP-controlled statehouses, Democrats in Congress want to pass new federal voting rights protections at the federal level but have been unable to overcome opposition form Senate Republicans. This bill would federalize all elections and strip rights away from states to conduct their versions of democracy how they see fit.

Abbott signed the bill 100 days after Democrats kicked off a summer of last-ditch maneuvers by flying a private plane out of Austin to temporarily block the measure. Upon their arrival in D.C., the fugitive Democrats went on a COVID spreading spree, which was buried by the mainstream media.

Their endless protests and false claims of discrimination did nothing to prevent Texas Republicans from passing or changing any aspect of the bill.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth