Biden Tells Union Workers Exactly What They Don’t Want To Hear

How dumb is Joe Biden? This dumb.

Many Americans are worried and outraged at the ongoing border crisis. Thanks to Joe Biden, nearly one million migrants have entered our country this year. His administration has released them into the country, some without court dates.

This creates a massive problem for our communities and economy. It’s not just drug cartels getting into the country. Hundreds of thousands of young men have slipped in. Most of them are here to find jobs to earn a buck.

Where will they find jobs? They won’t be working in Silicon Valley, I can tell you that. They will be taking labor jobs—jeopardizing American workers. Workers, by the way, that are members of labor unions.

Unions typically don’t like an increase to illegal immigration. So, why was Biden bragging about it during a union event?

President Joe Biden met with union organizers at the White House on Wednesday, promising to push for amnesty for illegal immigrants.

“I want us to see us finally, finally, provide DREAMers, TPS (Temporary Protected Status) recipients, farmworkers, essential workers, a pathway to citizenship,” Biden said. “Bringing them out of the shadows so they can receive the protection and representation that our laws and our unions provide.”

During the event, AFL-CIO President Liz Shuler agreed with Biden, calling for a “long overdue pathway to citizenship” for people working in the United States who were not citizens, and endorsed his radical spending bill expanding entitlements. [Source Breitbart]

This is utter nonsense. Why would union workers want to see the president reward people who are taking their jobs?

Sure, it makes sense to Biden. Magically turn millions of illegal aliens into citizens, so they can easily vote for Democrats in future elections. And it makes sense to the union organizers. If these people are able to get amnesty, they might join their labor unions. That means more power and money for those in charge of these unions.

But it doesn’t make sense for the people currently in unions. These are American workers, who worked hard to get where they are and fought for representation in unions. Yet they get to watch as Biden snaps his fingers and gives what they struggle for, to millions of people who don’t deserve it.

Why would any American union worker want to see millions of illegal aliens join their ranks? These are the same illegal alien workers that take their jobs every day. It’s an open secret that in many states (including conservative ones), businesses prefer to hire non-union, illegal labor, just because it’s cheaper.

Now, union workers are supposed to be happy these same scabs will be joining their unions? They’ll still take their jobs—just now it will be legal!

And Biden is dreaming if he thinks these illegals will automatically join labor unions. They’ve been getting along just fine taking “under the table” jobs from union workers for years. Decades even. Why will that suddenly change, just because they have amnesty? Oh, they’ll take Biden’s amnesty, but that doesn’t mean they’ll become law-abiding citizens. Things like joining a union, paying their taxes, and (yes) voting are the last things on these people’s minds.

But at least Biden is violating our immigration laws and insulting millions of union workers.

Author: Peter Smith