Biden Admin Shows More Passion For Abortion Than Stranded Citizens

The sick and twisted priorities of the Biden administration have become crystal clear in recent weeks. As Americans struggle to flee a country who’s leaders are known terrorists, Biden and his pro-abortion radicals are busy infringing on state’s rights.

Recently, Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott signed the Heartbeat Bill, which essentially outlaws abortion after a fetal heartbeat is detected in the womb.

Gov. Abbott never concealed his pro-life stance and Texans overwhelming voted him into office more than once. This is clear indication that a majority of Texas residents favor legislation that grants protection to the unborn.

Nevertheless, the Biden administration believes it can ignore the will of Texans to push their radical pro-abortion agenda and will seek to legally nullify Abbott’s Heartbeat Bill.

The Biden administration announced on Thursday that it is taking legal action against the state of Texas over the bill. The case lays bare that an upcoming federal-state battle is in the works. This lawsuit acts as a litmus test to determine just how far the federal government can infringe upon the rights of the states.

Attorney General Merrick Garland claimed during a press conference on Thursday that the law bans many abortions before a woman knows that she is pregnant.


Garland perpetuated the fallacy that somehow Abbott’s Heartbeat Bill leaves women in Texas unable to exercise their Constitutional rights. The pro-life legislation does not make abortion wholly illegal, which would violate the 1970s ruling of Roe v Wade. The Heartbeat Bill places restrictions on when a woman can obtain an abortion relative the the very alive and growing unborn human in her womb.

The disturbing tactic utilized by pro-abortion progressives and Democrat leaders to dehumanize the fetus in an attempt to justify murdering the unborn is a glaring example of pure evil.

In the lawsuit, the Attorney General claims that abortion clinics in Texas cannot remain open due to the legal riskiness as a result of the Heartbeat Bill. Again, another fallacy.

Abortion clinics in Texas have every right to remain open and in business (collecting money to kill the unborn) insofar they perform abortion procedures within the legal restrictions laid out in the bill. It’s actually quite simple.


The Liberal mantra “My Body My Choice” has come full-circle to bite them in the butt. In an act of complete hypocrisy, the Biden administration seeks to restrict our choice to get a coronavirus vaccine but demands that abortions be performed without any restrictions.

Author: Asa McCue