Team Biden Praises The Taliban — Is This a Case Of Stockholm Syndrome?

The Taliban are finally allowing commercial flights to depart with American citizens on board, and this is obviously a cause for celebration. However, it seems odd to call the terrorists who held them captive for almost two weeks “professional” and “businesslike,” as Biden’s White House did this week.

Does the Biden administration have an incurable case of Stockholm Syndrome?

Peter Doocy, the only voice of reason amongst the White House press corps liberals, challenged Jen Psaki on a White House celebrating the Taliban.

Doocy noted during Thursday’s press briefing that the new Taliban government included an interior minister who had his own FBI ‘Wanted’ poster and a $10 million bounty on his head, and he asked how that qualified as “businesslike” or “professional.”


Psaki said that the statement was aimed at letting the American people know a flight had left Afghanistan and acknowledging the fact that the Taliban had cooperated and facilitated the move.

“We promised we would get American citizens out, we promised we would get legal permanent residents out, we promised to get our Afghan partners out and we promised to press the Taliban to get them out and that’s exactly what we did,” she said.

Yes, any instance of Americans being freed from their captors is a good thing. However, what utility does heralding said terrorists in such a fashion have? Why celebrate the captors with glowing praise?

“But you’re saying the Taliban is businesslike and professional. Their Interior Minister has an FBI wanted poster. He’s got a $10 million bounty on his head, that’s — what’s the business?” Doocy asked.

“To get them out we had to work with some members of the Taliban, to press them and to work in a businesslike manner to get them out,” she continued.

Doocy pushed back, noting that the statement had also called the flight a “positive first step” and asking what that step was moving toward.

“Towards getting additional people out who want to leave Afghanistan,” Psaki blankly replied. .

Are you connecting the dots yet?

Author: Sebastian Hayworth