Obama Agents Start Investigating Biden — And He’s Absolutely Terrified

Americans were horrified after suicide bombers took the lives of numerous victims in Kabul last month. Thirteen American service members were killed, along with over 100 Afghans. Many more were injured. It was the lowest point in Biden’s botched Afghanistan withdrawal—a clear sign of his historic failure.

Biden, in a weak and uninspiring speech, promised to “hunt down” those responsible. We all knew he was full of it. Soon after, he struck a car outside Kabul with a drone strike, claiming it was full of terrorists.

But news quickly came out that considerable collateral damage was caused, including the deaths of a family. Now, word is coming out that the original target wasn’t even an enemy, but an aid worker for a U.S. group. So, not only has Biden not done anything to combat the terror attack, but he may have killed many more innocent people.

Now, even a former top Obama chief is demanding answers.

Michael Morell, former President Barack Obama’s Acting CIA Director, called for an investigation into the drone strike that reportedly killed a family, including several children, a few weeks ago, saying that the Biden administration owed the American public the truth about what happened…

“You know, what happened here needs to be investigated,” Morell said. “And I would hope that the administration, once it does the investigation, that it tells all of us publicly exactly what happened, and if we made a mistake, why. You know, President Obama was very strong on being open about making mistakes with drone strikes. And I think this administration needs to do the same.”

When asked whether or not this was a question for the Pentagon or the CIA, Morell responded, “It’s a question for the White House.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Biden’s Pentagon seemed to admit that the drone strike killed nine members of a family, including seven children. But that was okay, right, because they also got members of ISIS-K, the group behind the Kabul airport attack? That might not be right. Because word has come out that the man they targeted was an aid worker. And what they believed were canisters of explosives could have been water jugs.

That was such a shocking revelation, that even a former Obama head, the director of the CIA no less, is demanding an investigation.

Morell believes that the American people deserve to know the truth of this strike. He admitted that whenever Obama made “mistakes with drone strikes,” he was transparent with the American people. And boy, did Obama mess up with drones. The many civilians Obama’s drone strikes hurt tarnished his reputation, even with supporters.

But there is no way Biden will admit his wrongs. The man who claims to have the “most transparent presidency in our history” has refused to own up to his many mistakes and disastrous choices. He still has not apologized for the fall of an entire country. Nor does he show a shred of remorse for the many who have died as the result of his choices (from those falling from planes, to a terror attack, to a drone strike).

Do we really believe he’ll admit that he killed an aid worker instead of a terrorist? Not likely.

The only way we’ll get answers, is if the American people demand it of Congress.

Author: Joe Anderson