Blinken Lies Through His Teeth To Protect Demented Joe Biden

Despite his lengthy career in the highest levels of federal government, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken still does not know how to lie in a way that’s convincing or persuasive.

With his signature snide, sneering smirks, Blinken rebuked a GOP line of questioning from Sen. James Risch who demanded answers on who’s really in charge at the White House.

A bumbling, nonsensical Joe Biden has been cut off mid sentence in a number of White House video feeds, and Senate Republicans want to know who’s responsible. Who is Biden’s puppeteer?

“There’s real questions right now as to who’s making the decisions,” Foreign Relations Committee’s Ranking Member Sen. James Risch (R-ID) began in his opening statement.

The “president” of the United States can’t even speak for himself without someone in the White House censoring or cutting him off. That is a highly reported matter of fact; everyone with two eyes can see it. Multiple video feeds from public speaking events show Biden being cut off mid sentence, and Republicans demand to know who’s pushing the button.

Sec. Blinken went on to defend his boss, as one does, denying that anyone in the White House has the ability to cut off Joe Biden. Lying through his teeth, Blinken attempted to distract from the questioning, claiming that Biden is “coherent” and “makes all strategic decisions.”

How is THAT possible? The American people can clearly see their president struggling with dementia or some from of deficiency that prevents him from uttering even one single coherent sentence, or even staying away for that matter.

“Are you telling the committee this has not happened and no one pushes the button and cuts him off in mid-sentence,” Risch said, seemingly not able to believe what the Secretary was telling the Senate committee.

“That is correct,” Blinken lied.

The Secretary of State went on to double down on his claims in attempt to show Biden’s strength and influence in the White House.


“Anyone who tries to stop him from saying what he wanted to say, speaking his mind, would probably not be there long for their job,” Blinken claimed.

The Senate Republicans’ line of questioning comes as the White House has been cutting Biden off while he is speaking or engaging with others, seemingly preventing the president from sharing thoughts that are not written by White House staff.

For instance, when Biden was engaging with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in March, Biden said was ready to answer questions “if that is what I’m supposed to do, man.” The video shows Pelosi nervously smiling before the video feed ended.

In another example on August 12, Biden was mid-sentence when the White House feed abruptly ended.

Later in August, audio was cut to prevent Biden from answering questions from reporters. The video shows Biden’s mouth moving with no sound, which had previously been audible:

Concern over who is making decisions for Biden have grown due to Biden’s continual comments of excusing his lack of question taking from reporters. “I’ll be in trouble,” he sometimes says before taking one more question.

Additionally, reports have emerged recently of White House staff expressing their dismay every time Biden speaks publicly, with many of them muting or shutting off the television altogether.

Author: Elizabeth Tierney