Biden Administration In Ruins With No Sign Of Recovery

Optimism and political support for Biden, his administration ,and his polices are plummeting fast.

Poll numbers have indicated that Biden’s decline is steady, heading for a full-scale political crash.

In June and August, poll numbers indicated the crisis at the border, out of control urban violent crime, higher gas prices, rising inflation and resurgent coronavirus concerns were eroding America’s optimism.

Now, the surrender of Afghanistan to the 9-11 Taliban and Al Qaeda terrorists has been the backbreaker for the Biden big government socialists in their mission to earn back the confidence of the American voters.

All of these political mishaps and policy failures have plunged the nation into negativity regarding the future of the country.

According to a poll taken from Sept. 9-Sept. 14, about 59% of likely voters now say the U.S. is on the wrong track. Only 38% say America is headed in the right direction.

Polls find that 73% of undecided voters for congressional 2022 elections 65% of independents agree, 56% of moderates, 29% of 2020 Biden voters, and even 25% of Democrats say the country is on the wrong track.

At the executive level, President Joe Biden’s job approval has cratered a net -14 points from 54% approve, 45% disapprove on August 3 to 47% approve, 52% disapprove in September.

Likewise, Biden’s disapproval is relatively high among those who are undecided for Congress at 58%, suburban voters at 56%, women at 55%, independents at 54%, moderates at 47%, Hispanics at 37%, African Americans at 19%, Democrats at 14%, and 2020 Biden voters at 14%.

This negativity is not just about Biden, the leadership of the national Democratic Party is seriously disliked by the voters as well.

Vice President Kamala Harris remains unpopular. She currently has a favorable rating of 46%. Fifty percent of likely voters found her unfavorable.

Sen. Chuck Schumer of New York holds a favorable rating of only 32% and an unfavorable rating of 49%.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi of California holds a favorable rating of 39% with an unfavorable rating 56% amongst likely voters.

Their unpopularity is driving swing voters to the Republicans. We predict it will drive undecided voters to the GOP as well.

In terms of what to expect for the 2022 midterms, our polling of likely voters suggests that Republicans lead the Democrats in the generic vote for Congress 47%-46% with 7% undecided. This means likely voters are more willing to support a generic group of Republicans rather than a generic group of Democratic candidates for Congress.

Voters are not shy to express their disapproval over Joe Biden and the Democrats’ big government socialist policies.

For example, in June 50% of likely voters said that the economy was getting better while only 41% of likely voters said it was getting worse. Now most voters, 53%, say that the economy is getting worse. Only 38% of likely voters believe the economy is getting better.

This could explain why for the first time since 2019, most voters, 50%, prefer smaller government and only 34% want a larger government.

On the foreign policy front, never has an American president surrendered to terrorists — until Joe Biden. This singularly historic failure by President Biden has collapsed his support among most American voters.

The majority of likely voters, 58%, disagreed with President Biden who said, ”America’s withdrawal from Afghanistan was an extraordinary success.” Only 35% agreed with that statement.

In contrast, most voters, 58%, agreed that ”President Biden surrendered Afghanistan to the same Taliban group who helped the terrorists that attacked America on 9-11.” Only 30% disagreed with that statement. 35% of 2020 Biden voters and 38% of Democrats agreed.

Among all voters, 52% believe that President Biden left Americans stranded in Afghanistan who are being held as hostages by the Taliban. Only 30% disagreed.

The majority of likely voters, 53%, say that the withdrawal from Afghanistan and the Taliban takeover of the country has made us less safe. Only 10% said that America is now safer.

Finally, President Biden’s botched Afghanistan withdrawal has undermined America’s confidence that Joe Biden can lead us.

By a margin of 49% to 38%, the voters said that the Afghanistan withdrawal makes them think that Biden is not competent to lead as commander in chief.

These polls suggest American voters will be anxious to render their votes on these policies in 2022 and 2024.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth