Fake News Gives Biden a Free Pass, Despite Endless Scandals

While Trump hammered this message into our head – and continues to do so – it bears repeating: The Mainstream Media is the enemy of the people.

Plain and simple; succinct and concise, this truism encapsulates the growing insidiousness of the corporate press.

During Trump’s first term, the endless fear mongering and rapidly shifting news cycles sowed discord and confusion nationwide; there was no end to their madness. However, under Biden, Fake News outlets are giving him a major pass.

The nation is suffering through its worst border crossing crisis in 20 years and top Homeland Security officials are heading for the hills but the national media have gone AWOL on the issue as President Joe Biden has tried to steer attention to other topics.

A new Media Research Center analysis shows that as the crisis has peaked to over 200,000 crossings last month, coverage by the Big Three networks has crashed 94%.

His August tabulation: Six minutes, 28 seconds of network news coverage during the entire month.

July saw just four minutes 20 seconds, he added.

Border officials said July and August border crossings broke records.

In March, as the crisis escalated, ABC, CBS, and NBC devoted 113 minutes to the crisis as it heated up when Biden ended former President Donald Trump’s policies that effectively closed the border.

But as the news got worse, the network coverage dried up, and some even ignored a Supreme Court loss for the Biden administration that required the White House to put a key Trump border policy back into effect.

While his open border policies receive a green light from the press, so do other scandals that continue to plague the Biden administration.

Sleepy Joe’s embattled son, Hunter, has escaped virtually unscathed from a series of scandals that should have very well brought down his father’s administration. The ‘laptop story’ was buried across multiple outlets and on social media — a nod to Biden and a ‘thank you’ for continuing to enable their propaganda machines.

Meanwhile, Hunter’s new-found art career, a major ethics violation, continues to flourish despite his amateurish technique and exorbitant price tags.

Author: Asa McCue