Joe Biden Can’t Stop Choking On His Own Lies

The sickly and demented president is finally being called out. Not for his failure to maintain national security or secure the US-Mexico border or even the crumbling economy and skyrocketing inflation.

Reporters are finally taking notice of Joe Biden’s inability to utter even a few words without hacking up, coughing, or appearing generally ill each and every time he speaks in public.

Biden delivered a speech at the White House on Thursday to discuss the the economy and his plans to destroy it in the future. The speech lasted no more than 30 minutes, but every word or two was punctuated with a giant hack from the sickly president.

Earlier this week Biden appeared in California to save his buddy Gavin Newsom from a looming recall election. The invalid president stood at the podium with a grey, putrid, ghastly appearance, sweating profusely and coughing every couple of words. To witness such a decrepit, sickly old man stoop for the likes of Gavin Newsom while Americans across the country struggle under a crumbling economy, forced medical treatment, and an ongoing pandemic is quite a gloomy experience.

White House press secretary and Joe Biden’s personal mouthpiece, Jen Psaki, refused to say why an elderly Joe Biden struggled with a heavy cough during recent speeches.

“It’s not a concern,” Psaki replied, when asked about the cough.

Psaki, as if she were speaking about her elderly grandfather in an upscale nursing home, assured reporters that Biden travels with a personal doctor who addresses any health concerns as they arise.

The devilish spokeswomen remained evasive, hiding Biden’s ailments when a follow-up question was asked about the cause of his constant, hacking coughs.

“Maybe [Joe Biden] just needs to clear his throat,” the abuse enabler said.

When asked about Biden receiving a physical examination to confirm his health, Psaki remained indignant with her signature smirk and brand of phoniness only a liberal women can execute.

Most Americans believe that Joe Biden won’t make it through his first term. It’s not wise or appropriate to wish ill health on anyone, but it’s not out of the question to expect the leader of the free world to deliver a speech without hacking up a lung.

If you remember, Donald Trump was being diagnosed constantly about this or that perceived ailment. Mainstream Media outlets even invited leading psychiatrists to assess his behavior based solely on his public persona.

Meanwhile, any questions about Biden’s health – which is crumbling before our very eyes – is totally off limits or met with disdain from the White House.

Author: Elizabeth Tierney