Biden Caught Doing The Unthinkable As America Crumbles

Joe Biden’s ability to casually vacation while the country he’s purported to lead crumbles around him tells you everything you need to know. As a person, Joe Biden is morally bankrupt. As a leader, the decisions he’s made himself, and the administration he’s chosen to make decisions for him, is proof positive of his traitorous intentions.

On Sunday, “president” Joe Biden was captured on a casually bike ride while on his lengthy vacation weekend at Rehoboth Beach in Delaware.

The White House positioned reporters to see the president ride by on his bicycle with first lady Jill Biden.

Such a sad attempt at a publicity stunt, but probably necessary given the numerous concerns many Americans have about Joe Biden’s mental and physical fitness.

However, given the current state of the country, and Biden’s role in leading America down a path of self-destruction, the breezy bike ride PR stunt came off callous, heartless, and sent the entirely wrong message to the American people.

The president did not respond to questions about whether he had spoken to French President Emmanuel Macron — after angering the French for killing a multi-billion dollar submarine contract with Australia.

Biden left early Friday for his vacation, ignoring a flurry of bad news that broke after he left the White House.

Migrants continued to pour into a makeshift camp under a Texas border bridge, which grew from about 2,000 migrants on Monday to more than 15,000 by Sunday.

Biden has also struggled with a heavy cough in recent days, interrupting his speeches and sparking questions about his health.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki insisted Thursday that the president’s health was “not an area where we have a medical concern.”

She told reporters the president would get a physical “soon,” to make sure questions about his health were answered.

The Pentagon announced they mistakenly launched a drone strike that killed ten civilians in Afghanistan, including up to seven children.

The Food and Drug Administration announced their decision to reject recommending a booster shot for the Pfizer vaccine for Americans under 65. This announcement comes after Fauci made his rounds on every Fake News outlet pushing for the additional shot. He’s now flipped, claiming the FDA “did not make a mistake,” but failed to acknowledge his contradiction.

France also recalled their ambassador to the United States to protest the president’s failure to speak to them about their deal with Australia.

Biden faces more questions about his administration’s decision to limit antibody coronavirus treatments to Southern states and his struggle to unite Democrats around his proposed $3.5 trillion entitlement bill.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth