Biden Drowning In Shame – Flees From Questions About His Biggest Mistake

There’s no other way to put it, Biden’s administration is an abject failure. He promised to be a better leader than Donald Trump, but in less than a year, he has proven to be the worst president in a generation. What’s even more shocking, is how he refuses to own up to his many failures.

Let’s list just some of the problems Biden personally had a hand in making. He created a border crisis, runaway inflation, a worker shortage, a botched vaccine rollout, rising crime across the nation, and the fall of Afghanistan. And that’s just in his first eight months.

In the face of all these mounting disasters, Biden has increasingly refused to respond. A real president would be honest, admit his wrongs, and vow to do better. But Biden has turned his back again and again, as if he thinks he’s immune to the criticism.

And, once again, in his latest horrific failure, Biden says nothing.

President Joe Biden remains silent about the American-launched drone strike that killed ten civilians, including seven children and no terrorists.

The Pentagon confirmed Friday that the drone strike was a mistake and said it would investigate the process behind the erroneous target.

But Biden has not spoken to reporters about the botched operation or offered a public apology.

The president twice walked by waiting reporters without answering questions as he traveled from the beach in Delaware to the White House and left in the afternoon for the United Nations summit in New York. [Source: Breitbart]

Biden is responsible for the death of 10 Afghan civilians when he drone-struck a car. The Pentagon admitted they made a horrible mistake, confusing an aid worker with an ISIS-K terrorist. Our military admitted their wrong, yet Biden has said nothing about the tragedy he caused.

Once again, the puppet-president doesn’t speak for himself. This only lends further weight to the suspicion he is just following the orders of the liberal establishment, only saying or doing what they tell him. Since he hasn’t been given directions from them on what to say about this situation, he simply does nothing.

Good plan, right? Accept you have a president that ignores the media when children have been killed. Pathetic.

At this point, it’s hard to even believe Biden picks his socks in the morning. Everything about this administration is carefully controlled by his handlers to avoid exposing the fact that he is a puppet suffering from mental decline.

What’s really pathetic is that, even under those circumstances, they can’t get anything right. Every decision made by this administration has created a crisis or made a problem much worse. They haven’t done anything that has resulted in a win for America or anyone else.

Not only is Biden a loser, but the clowns calling the shots behind the scenes are losers. They might be even dumber than the man himself!

At the very least, you guys, tell Biden to say sorry about the kids. That’s the least you can do.

Author: Matt Graham