Even CNN Knows Biden Is Destroying America’s Credibility

That’s when you know it’s bad.

As Biden fails miserably both at home and abroad, a radical shift must be made to regain his political footing and scrape up support somewhere. So what does every Democrat do when the American people fail to support their radical agenda?

Go global!

That’s right. Joe Biden will appeal to United Nations globalist after a series of blunders threatens his grip on power. His standing with our European allies in waning, especially after cutting France out of a security deal with Australia.

But now even CNN is taking notice and asking Jen Psaki hard-hitting questions only conservative outlets were brave enough to pose to the White House mouthpiece.

On Monday, CNN’s Jeremy Diamond pressed White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki Joe Biden’s speech at the United Nations. He continued to ask about how the cognitively deficient president plans to address numerous international crises that have unfolded during Biden’s presidency.

Psaki responded by saying that Biden was going to focus on laying out a case “for why the next decade will determine our future not just for the United States, but for the global community.”

She did what she always does: circle around and obfuscate around the question until it devolves into nothing of any substance whatsoever.

Did you notice how she said, “How the global community will deal with the NEXT pandemic.”

Are the Democrats already planning another pandemic before we emerge from this one? Have they collected all necessary data which hints that Americans will largely follow suit? Is “climate change” the next coronavirus?

Diamond later followed up by noting that there has been criticism coming from nation’s that Biden vowed to improve relationships with, asking, “Does he believe there’s work to be done to restore that credibility?”

Psaki kicked her smugness into high gear, claiming that there was a difference between “criticism of a decision” and “criticism of the credibility and leadership of the United States.”


Author: Elizabeth Tierney