Biden Gives Top GOP Governor The Silent Treatment

Since January of this year, a rush of illegal aliens has tried to enter the country. The moment Joe Biden removed Donald Trump’s protections, all bets were off. Since then, nearly one million illegal aliens have attempted to cross the border. Each month it has gotten worse.

What’s even more shocking is how little the Biden administration seems to care. Border Patrol officials reveal Biden’s leaders have ignored advice on securing the border. Even now, we are learning they are lying about deporting the 10,000s of Haitian migrants living under a bridge. Thousands of them are being released into the U.S.

The situation is getting worse by the day. And border states are feeling the brunt of it most of all. American citizens are watching their communities get destroyed by reckless and uncaring aliens. So, the Governor of Texas is calling Biden out.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott called on President Joe Biden to declare a federal emergency declaration over the crisis at the border Monday and give Texas access to federal resources that can be used to stem the flood of illegal immigrants.

Abbott sent a five-page request to Biden as the immigration and humanitarian crisis in Del Rio, Texas, continues…

“Texas residents’ property is being destroyed; crimes are occurring; humans, deadly drugs and illegal weapons are being smuggled into communities throughout the state; law enforcement is having to redirect their resources; and county judges and mayors are facing skyrocketing expenses. While Texans face the brunt of these negative impacts, it is common knowledge that border-related drugs, weapons, and crimes impact local jurisdictions across the United States,” Abbott wrote. [Source: Daily Wire]

Biden’s neglect of the border—along with his deliberate attempts to encourage illegal immigration—is having a destructive impact on Texas communities. And we all know these problems will bleed to other states, as illegals move into cities across America (and Biden buses them to all corners of the country). Yet we know that Biden will most likely ignore Abbott’s request.

Previously, Abbott had requested aid from the administration several times. He reached out to both Biden’s office and VP Harris’s (who is allegedly in charge of this crisis). Abbott had revealed the administration had not responded to him once. It’s painfully obvious that Biden has no intentions of remedying the exploding border crisis.

It’s pretty disgusting to think that a president who promised to “build back better” is letting our border fall apart. If Biden truly cared about America’s recovery (especially our ability to end the COVID pandemic), the border would be a top priority. You can’t help the economy nor battle a deadly virus, if you leave the border unprotected.

That’s obvious. The fact Biden does nothing, including calls from state leaders for aid and intervention, proves he is in no way interested in “building” anything back. From all appearances, Biden is a puppet for globalist forces who couldn’t care less about the American people.

What’s even more shocking is that he doesn’t even try to hide it.

Author: Sam Jones