Biden Sacrifices National Security To Please Communist Allies

In less than one year, Joe Biden has completely reversed America’s reputation amongst world leaders.

Instead of strength, we have weakness; instead of force, we retreat. That is the path forward according to Joe Biden – and merely out of spite against Former President Donald Trump.

Under Trump’s leadership, relations with Communist China underwent a marked improvement, with both countries signing massive billion-dollar trade deals and agreeing to ongoing peaceful diplomacy. With Biden at the helm, China is taking full advantage of our extremely visible weaknesses.

In an address to the United Nations general assembly, our increasingly lethargic president signaled his willingness to work with our far East adversaries, promising not to embark on a “Cold War” with the communist regime.

Biden’s comment addressed concerns voiced by United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres before the assembly, urging China and the United States to repair their “completely dysfunctional” relationship to avoid another Cold War.

His statements fly directly against reality as Biden continues to make munitions deals, specifically with Australia, that widen the diplomatic gap with China and anger our closest European allies.

The president promoted a “new era of diplomacy,” in his first speech as president to the United Nations General Assembly, indicating he was willing to partner with China on global issues such as climate change and the coronavirus pandemic.

Meanwhile, everyone with a brain can deduce that it was actually Former President Trump who ushered in this new era of diplomacy of which Biden speaks. Lest we remind our cognitively deficient president it was Trump that brokered historic peace deals with Israel and the Arab world. It was Trump who made positive strides with North Korea. It was Trump who demanded our European allies pay their share for global security. It was Trump who guaranteed financial independence with massive trade deals with China. The Former President achieved all of this through a REAL era of diplomacy, not the meaningless hot air coming from Biden’s barely functioning head.

And to top it off, Biden wasted an opportunity to address the China Virus origins or the communist dictatorship refusal to allow investigations in Wuhan.

At the exact moment in time when strength is required, Biden offered an olive branch to China.

His speech marked a significant departure from former President Donald Trump’s speech to the United Nations in 2020, where he called world nations to hold China accountable for the coronavirus and condemned its abuses on human rights, the environment, and global trade.

You can watch Biden’s full speech here:

Author: Sebastian Hayworth