Reporter Dukes It Out With Psaki Over Key Immigration Facts

Jen Psaki is struggling to reclaim the narrative and distract from her boss’ seemingly endless list of failures.

The White House press corps is largely sympathetic to Psaki and the administration, but Peter Doocy of Fox News gives her a daily dose of reality as she peddles utter nonsense.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki struggled to answer Doocy’s questions on Wednesday about Joe Biden’s response to the ongoing border crisis, and if the cognitively deficient president has even visited the scene of his crimes.

The exchange began when Doocy tried asking a basic question about the number of illegal Haitian migrants being deported versus the number currently being dispersed throughout the United States. Psaki looked visibly shaken, especially after the reporter informed her DHS was not providing the numbers.

With typical smugness, Psaki promised Doocy she would provide him with the most accurate numbers of migrants being released into U.S. giving the DHS ample time to make them up.


The duel continued when Doocy pressed Biden’s redheaded mouthpiece on whether or not the administration wishes to admit the exact number of Haitian migrants being released out fearing the subsequent political backlash.

“That is certainly not the issue,” Psaki claimed without evidence.

How could she know that as a fact if the DHS is failing to provide accurate numbers in the first place? This response from Psaki is further proof that her boss and his administration is struggling to navigate the conversation. Try as they might, Biden, Psaki, et al cannot hide from the truth — and the American people are quickly wising up to their b*******.

Using her typical distraction tactic and with her signature sneering tone, Psaki “informed” Doocy of current protocol for dealing with illegal immigrants, although everyone with a brain knows she’s lying. Psaki claimed the Biden administration is using Trump’s Title 42 to expel migrants, but when that doesn’t work, they’re given a notice to appear and sent on their way. The trouble for Biden is revealing exactly how many illegals are granted access to the United States. More than zero would be a crime, and they know it.


The sparring evolved when Doocy asked if Biden has even visited the scene of his crimes, the US-Mexico border.

Here’s where Psaki really malfunctioned.


When she was unable to provide any evidence of Biden visiting the southern border, Psaki had to come up with something.

Psaki claimed that Biden relies on “all of his experiences and his time in office” to deal with the problem, even though she could not name a single time that Biden has ever been to the border.


Psaki has proven herself to be nothing more than Biden’s Eva Braun.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth