Former Trump Officials Drag Biden Kicking And Screaming To Court

Joe Biden is quickly learning that he is not impervious to the law.

Two former top aides to former President Donald Trump have sued President Joe Biden over his “illegal” power play to fire them from key military academy boards.

Former Trump spokesman Sean Spicer and budget chief Russ Vought said in court documents that the White House does not have any authority over the boards, arguing the law states that members leave only when their three-year term is up, they resign, or they die.

“This illegal partisan power-grab is just another example of the Biden administration breaking longstanding bipartisan norms and traditions.”

In an effort to distract from the botched Afghanistan evacuation mission, the White House does what it does best: target Trump officials to subvert mainstream media attention away from their failures.

Spicer, Vought, and the others, including former Trump senior counselor Kellyanne Conway, were told to resign that day or be terminated from their boards.

Most did not. Conway told Biden, “I’m not resigning … but you should.”

Liberal media outlets immediately developed Afghanistan amnesia and backed Biden’s efforts to expel the last remaining Trump officials from government roles.

But it soon became clear that the boards were created by Congress , not the White House, and maintain membership rules that the Biden officials either didn’t know about or purposefully tried to violate.

Spicer, a captain in the U.S. Naval Reserves, had only three months left to serve on the Board of Visitors to the U.S. Naval Academy, so targeting him was especially petty. Vought was a more recent appointee.

In an effort to shame the Trump allies off the boards, White House press secretary Jen Psaki questioned the qualifications and values of Spicer and the former Trump aides, an unusual assault on her predecessors that Spicer said smeared their military and government service.

Joe Biden and cabal of criminals will stop at nothing to erase the influence of Former President Donald Trump, legal or not. This just goes to show their sick and twisted priorities at the very moment when strong leadership is needed to dig our country out of a massive hole.

Author: Asa McCue