Anti-Biden Chants Ring Loud And Proud Across America

Unless you went to an Ivy League university, currently live in Washington D.C., New York City, Los Angeles, Seattle or Portland, or you’re someone who believes Mainstream Media outlets are telling the truth, then you probably despise Joe Biden and his administration.

Those who live in the real America, which exists in large pockets across the entire nation, are not shy to voice their opinion about Joe Biden. On occasions where Americans are gathered in large crowds for sporting events or otherwise, you will probably hear multiple expletive-filled chants against the current president.

Most recently, college football fans are leading the Anti-Biden chants. For the fourth week in a row, fans have voiced their hatred for the cognitively deficient president.

Fans have been chanting “F**k Joe Biden” at games ever since the season started, and as predicted, they didn’t slow down during week four.

During the Wisconsin/Notre Dame game at Soldier Field, fans loudly chanted “F**k Joe Biden”. Take a look at this video taken from the stands.

These anti-Biden chants show no signs of slowing down anytime soon as many Americans, both young and old, are growing weary of the state of America.

Whether it be the immigration nightmare on the US-Mexico border, the botched Afghanistan evacuation mission, the skyrocketing rates of inflation, the disintegration of the U.S. military, ultra-woke domestic policy, radical spending on Far-Left initiatives (which benefit no one), China Virus authoritarianism, medical tyranny, or a list of other grievances, we have all had just about enough.

Biden’s approval ratings reflect the downfall in his popularity and his presidency as a whole — and he’s not even a year in!

Late last week, multiple polls place Biden at a low point in his 50-year career in Washington. The cognitively deficient president now hovers around a 42% general approval rating, an 8-point drop in just a few months.

Many predict the anti-Biden chants are here to stay.

It also shouldn’t surprise anyone that they’re happening. College football fans really don’t seem to like President Biden or being told by elitists on TV that football isn’t okay to be played.

Meanwhile, there is silence on the Emmy Awards. That’s why people are frustrated. The American people are not idiots and we see the double standard.

Author: Elizabeth Tierney