Pelosi Claims Massive Spending Bill Will Be ‘Paid for’—But Can’t Explain How

Rumor has it that Nancy Pelosi is looking at her last year in Congress. God, we can only hope. But if that’s the case, it could explain why she is pushing for the most radical, most reckless spending package ever.

The deranged Speaker is trying to get Biden’s $3.5 trillion socialist spending bill passed. This massive socialist takeover of our society will bankrupt our economy, put millions of people on welfare, and drive countless jobs to other countries. The only people who would benefit, it seems, are wealthy donors to the Democratic Party.

Many Americans are worried about the huge price tag for this bill. But Pelosi doesn’t think you should be worried about it, silly.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said during an interview on Sunday that people should not be focused on the $3.5 trillion price tag of a social spending bill that Democrats are trying to ram through Congress…

“It will be paid for, and that’s the beauty of it, by having those in our economy and society who have not paid their fair share, paying their fair share,” Pelosi said. “So, again, the Senate and the House, those who are not in full agreement with the president, right, let’s see what our values — let’s not talk about numbers and dollars. Let’s talk about values.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Yeah, let’s not talk about “numbers and dollars,” you silly geese who stand to lose your jobs! Let’s not talk about money, over a bill that will drain trillions from Americans’ pockets. You see, use silly, stupid, pathetic normies don’t deserve to know just how this massive bill will derail our national recovery and burden our children for decades to come.

Just believe the lie that those who “have not paid their fair share” are going to pay for this socialist takeover of our country. Who does Pelosi think isn’t paying taxes? Does she really think we’re stupid enough to believe the rich in America will just roll over and pay for this bloated spending package?

What she isn’t saying is that this bill includes significant deductions that will lower people’s taxes. But those deductions can only help the rich (including buying a “green” Tesla car, sending your kid to private school, etc.). Pelosi lies to convince us the rich are going to fund this bill. But she does say how most rich Americans can get out of paying “their fair share.”

So, the rest of the massive spending bill will fall on the shoulders of middle- and working-class Americans. Estimates state that anyone earning $50,000/year or more will see their taxes go up. That’s not a rich person, by any stretch of the imagination.

But don’t talk about numbers and dollars. Let’s talk about “values.” Like the values of helping rich liberals get out of paying taxes, while hurting all those stupid union members who voted for Joe Biden. Or the values of forcing companies out of the country, so even white-collar workers are out of luck. And, of course, the values of helping globalists like George Soros have more influence in the U.S. than actual citizens.

I think those are the values Pelosi thinks so highly of.

Author: Marcus Jones