Senate Republicans Force Democrats To Bankrupt America

It’s now up to House and Senate Democrats if they wish to demolish the debt ceiling and bankrupt the country all in the name of Biden’s Build Back Better trillion-dollar spending agenda.

On Monday, Senate Republicans blocked a government spending and debt ceiling bill, setting up a dramatic showdown between the sparring parties on whether Congress should raise the debt ceiling while Democrats plan to spend trillions on infrastructure and social spending.

The Senate failed to inspire the required vote of 60 lawmakers to advance H.R. 5305, the continuing resolution. Senate Republicans blocked the CR as House Democrats remain poised to vote on the $3.5 trillion infrastructure bill.

Two Republicans voted on H.R. 5305.

Democrats, rather than put the debt ceiling increase in the $3.5 trillion reconciliation bill, decided that they would pack the debt ceiling increase in the government funding bill.

The Democrats’ CR would lift the debt ceiling through the 2022 midterm elections and fund the government through December.

The federal government will run out of funding on September 30, and many are beginning to think that may be a good thing.

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI), who voted no, said in a statement after the vote:

Sen. Todd Young (R-IN), who voted against the CR, said in a statement after the vote:

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer attempted to skirt blame by placing the ball in Republicans’ court, claiming the absence of funding for the federal government is somehow a bad thing.

“If Republicans follow through with their plans to vote no, they will be on record to deliberately sabotaging our country’s ability to pay the bills & likely causing first-ever default in American history,”

He added:

“After today there will be no doubt about which party in this chamber is working to solve the problems that face our country, and which party is accelerating us towards unnecessary, avoidable disaster.”

Here, Schumer admits his party’s only solution to solving the problems that face this country is to spend, spend, spend regardless of its long term effects. If they create the problem then they have to create the solution, right? It’s job security for Chuck and the Democrats.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said ahead of the vote that Republicans would support a government funding bill as long as it does not raise the debt ceiling.

“Let me make it abundantly clear one more time: We will support a clean continuing resolution that will prevent a government shutdown … We will not provide Republican votes for raising the debt limit,” McConnell said.

Author: Asa McCue