Americans Can No Longer Rely On Biden For Basic Facts

It’s out of the question to think the Biden administration will tell the truth about anything, including facts pertaining to the China Virus. Our cognitively deficient president will do or say anything to gain political capital in a world that fails to take him seriously.

In fact, only 45% of Americans trust Joe Biden to provide accurate Chinese coronavirus information, according to a recently released poll.

It gets worse: 53% of respondents said they have little or no trust in Biden to provide accurate coronavirus information.

The numbers are a reversal from January, when 58% trusted Biden on coronavirus and 42% did not. Biden has also dropped 11 points among Democrats, and 17 points with independents. Republicans have dropped 10 points.

Americans are also trusting the media less about coronavirus. Only 45% trust establishment news networks. 41% trust establishment national newspapers, and 34% trust establishment cable news.

The mainstream media gushed this week as Biden attempted to remain cognizant while receiving his booster shot. The failed attempt at a publicity stunt resulted in Americans scratching their heads, asking, “How did we get here?”

The Axios/Ipsos poll comes after a Monday Rasmussen presidential tracking poll revealed Biden has an overall approval rating of 40%. Only 21%t “strongly” approve of Biden and 50% “strongly” disapprove.

The Rasmussen poll was the second lowest approval rating for Biden. The lowest was an Economist/YouGov poll, which marked the president at 39% on September 8.

Biden’s failing numbers are the result of independents growing increasingly unhappy with Biden’s coronavirus diktats.

His endless lecturing, chastising, and snide remarks to those who chose to remain unvaccinated are just aiding his downfall, despite what his administration thinks.

His globalist intentions and ‘America Last’ mentality ensures the people of this country are getting the short end of the stick.

His massive spending measures have broken previous campaign promises in which he said taxes would never be raised on the working class.

His endless “zero dollar” lie about the trillions in spending he hopes to crowbar through congress have disturbed many Americans.

His inability to seem awake, alert, or even alive raises many concerns.

Overall, Joe Biden has been a failure since day one. If Democrats ever want to hold top office again – or even keep their congressional majorities – they better sharpen their cheating tools because a Red Wave in 2022 is coming.

Author: Asa McCue