Deep State General Admits To Staging Anti-Trump Coup

How can the top military Generals effectively defend national security when they’re busy playing partisan politics with establishment Washington D.C. swamp creatures?

They can’t.

Gen. Milley recently admitted to reading Karl Marx and is a vocal proponent of the far-left critical race theory, among other ‘woke’ initiatives. This makes sense given his multiple attempts to create dissention within the Trump administration.

Not only did Milley talk to multiple reporters for upcoming anti-Trump books, he spoke with Chinese counterparts to give military insight and reveal secret strategy. It’s also now known that Milley spoke with Nancy Pelosi (of all people) to quell her concerns over Trump’s access to the nuclear codes. Ridiculous.

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley has spoken with a handful of reporters for their books, he acknowledged.

The chairman told the members of the Senate Armed Services Committee on Tuesday that he had spoken with Bob Woodward, Carol Leonnig, Phil Rucker, and Michael Bender for their books, all of which included explosive reporting regarding Milley and former President Donald Trump.

Milley has frequently found himself at the center of partisan controversies.

He recently faced calls for his registration and allegations of treason for his conversations with his Chinese counterpart in which he tried to calm the tensions between the countries, which was reported by Woodward and Robert Costa in their book, Peril. Critics have said that Milley usurped then-President Donald Trump’s authority because he promised he’d warn the Chinese military of an impending attack.

Milley defended the call and revealed during his testimony that multiple Trump officials were informed of communication at the time.

Similarly, Leonnig and Rucker reported in their book that on Jan. 2, Milley told aides, “This is a Reichstag moment,” and he feared Trump could attempt a coup.

With Biden’s “total confidence,” Milley continues to be top military adviser to the president. At this rate, we should prepare for a complete Chinese takeover of the United States.

Author: Asa McCue