Biden Generals Lay Groundwork For Another Middle East War

Could their intentions be any more obvious?

Generals Milley and Austin are struggling to maintain grip on their public image following contentious testimony on both houses of Congress this week.

Behind the scenes reports reveal the two are in total ‘peril’ – coincidently the name of the forthcoming book Gen. Milley spilled insider secrets for.

Following the botched Afghanistan withdrawal mission, both General Milley and General Austin noted the distinct possibility of another Al-Qaeda and ISIS resurgence after Trump successfully snuffed it out during his first term.

This obvious statement serves as a perfect justification for a return of U.S. troops to Afghanistan and throughout the Middle East.

You know the saying: ‘If you can’t beat ’em…go back to war!’

Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Mark Milley said on Wednesday that “It’s a real possibility” that al-Qaida or ISIS could re-form within the next few months following the collapse of Afghanistan’s government.

Milley told the House Armed Services Committee that although the threat of terrorism from Afghanistan currently remains less than it was on Sept. 11, 2001, “the conditions could be set for a reconstitution of al-Qaida and/or ISIS.”

He said, “It’s a real possibility in the not too distant future, six, 12, 18, 24, 36 months, that kind of timeframe, for reconstitution of al-Qaida or ISIS.”

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, who also testified before the panel, also noted that “there is clearly a possibility” for those terrorist groups to reform in Afghanistan.

“Al-Qaida has been degraded over time. Now, terrorist organizations seek ungoverned spaces so that they can train and equip and thrive and, and so, there is clearly a possibility that that can happen here, going forward,” he said. “Our goal is to maintain a laser-like focus on this so that it doesn’t happen.”

He also said that he couldn’t rule out whether the U.S. could return to Afghanistan at some point in the near future.

Austin basically comes right out and says it: if another terrorist resurgence emerges, which is a distinct possibly in their estimation, then he has no qualms plunging the U.S. into another war.

“While I won’t rule anything out, I would just say it’s not preordained that we will go back or have to go back into Afghanistan again,” Austin said. “But if we do, the military will provide good credible options to be able to do that and to be effective.”

Author: Asa McCue