Kamala In Crisis: VP Forced To Hire Public Relations Gurus

The Democrats stupidly put all of their eggs in the Kamala Harris basket and now they’re kicking themselves for it.

No one could predict just how much a failure Kamala would be, and how poorly she would appear with the public. No one likes Kamala — not even the far-left — and the Democrats know it.

The Vice President’s office is desperate to improve Kamala’s public image so now they’re forced to take drastic measures to correct Harris’ unlikeable personality.

Kamala Harris reportedly hired two public relations gurus to repair her “long-term planning” outlook, according to a Wednesday report.

Lorraine Voles, dubbed a “crisis communications expert,” and former Obama speechwriter Adam Frankel, who worked with the vice president during the presidential transition, have experience drumming up public relations constructs for the White House and the business community.

The White House revealed the pair “offered to be of assistance” and will concentrate on “organizational development, strategic communications, and long-term planning.” The White House did not note how long Harris would need the crisis management team but said the two “are on temporary assignment.”

Voles bills herself as a “crisis management” and “marketing and rebranding” expert with “broad experience navigating the choppy waters of public relations crises, including for embattled mortgage lender Fannie Mae during the 2008 financial crisis.

Wow. Kamala is taking her public relations cues from the women who improved Fannie Mae’s image? How did that work out for Fannie Mae? HAHA.

Voles is also along time Clinton White House aide, who apparently has strong ties to Biden’s chief of staff Ron Klain.

You can start to see the golden thread that ties these D.C. swamp figures together.

Frankel, meanwhile, worked for former President Obama as a speechwriter during his presidential race. He is also married to Stephanie Psaki, a senior adviser at the Department of Health and Human Services and the sister of White House press secretary Jen Psaki.

The hires come as Harris’ polling numbers are below 50% on the back of her inability to stop migrants from crossing the southern border, which Biden tasked his vice president to stop in the spring.

In a notable public relations failure on June 8, Harris told NBC News’ Lester Holt she had visited Guatemala to stop migrants from crossing the southern border.

But when Harris was asked why she had not yet inspected the border, Harris stated that she had not yet visited to Europe.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth