Democrats Enraged After Leaked Docs Prove Schumer Is Lying To Them

This week, Sen. Joe Manchin came out in force against Biden’s $3.5 trillion socialist spending bill. Calling it “insanity,” he refused to support such a costly measure when we can’t even pay for current social programs like Social Security. In no uncertain terms, he said he would not vote for the major bill.

This comes after many weeks of speculation. Manchin was never on board with the massive bill. But his statement sent shockwaves across the country. Why is he so forceful against his own party? Why does it seem like he is unwilling to budge?

We are now getting a glimpse as to why. Months ago, Schumer promised Manchin certain details about the mega-spending bill. He signed his name to a document confirming it. But, as it turned out, it was a big fat lie.

Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) on a signed piece of paper in July promised Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) the reconciliation package would only cost $1.5 trillion, not the $3.5 trillion President Biden proposed and the number House Democrats are demanding.

The signed document by both men, confirmed by Fox News, says the “topline” number for the reconciliation package would be $1.5 trillion with debate on the package beginning no later than October 1…

“Leader Schumer never agreed to any of the conditions Sen. Manchin laid out; he merely acknowledged where Sen. Manchin was on the subject at the time,” a spokesperson for Schumer told Politico. [Source: Breitbart]

We know politicians will say anything to get a vote. But to betray one of their own party members? That’s low even for a snake like Schumer. The signed document promised the spending bill would not exceed $1.5 trillion. It promised to spot the Fed from pumping money into the economy, a main source of inflation. And it set a limit on many tax rates.

But all that was thrown out with the current proposal. What Schumer wants passed in the Senate is nothing like the ideas Manchin proposed in July–the ones Schumer signed off on. Did he think he could bamboozle Manchin and get away with it?

It seems this could be part of the reason why Manchin is so determined to block this bill. He was promised a much more reasonable bill that lacked the radical socialist ideas supported by the progressives. Instead, Schumer, Pelosi, Biden, and the rest of the party leaders turned their back on moderates like Manchin.

No wonder he’s mad.

Biden’s proposal would create a huge burden on Americans that will be felt for years to come. It would push more socialist programs, putting millions on government help. Not to mention the many regulations that would hamper innovation, growth, and personal liberty.

Anyone with half a brain would oppose this bill. Apparently, that doesn’t include most Democrats.

Author: Sam Maxwell