Psaki Embarrasses Herself With Foolish Anti-Trump Tirade

What a complete moron.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki said during Thursday’s press briefing that the White House would have made progress on dealing with the pandemic if it wasn’t for former President Donald Trump.

A reporter asked Psaki about President Joe Biden’s decision to maintain Trump-era policies like Title 42, as well as following through on Trump agenda items like withdrawing from Afghanistan.

“So, look. I could take each one of these – on Afghanistan, the former president struck a deal without the Afghan government that we heard the military convey yesterday, led to the demoralization of the Afghan security forces and the Afghan government,” the press secretary said. “Where he also released 5,000 Taliban fighters into Afghanistan.”

Psaki said that Biden’s approach was different than Trump’s because the current president actually ended the war.

“I would say the president took a pretty different approach than that in ending the war the former president did not end – something the American people strongly support,” she added. “A priority for frankly getting out of the war in Afghanistan leaves space for us to spend more time addressing.”

And here’s where Psaki really gets cringey.

The reporter asked Psaki to address Title 42, a public health order that allows border patrol to expel most migrants due to the pandemic.

She proceeds to repeat the asinine liberal hot take that “Trump recommended people inject bleach” to cure the coronavirus.

It really doesn’t get more stupid than that.

Liberals are evil, humorless villains who want nothing more than your submission but will settle for your death.

It’s not even worth debunking her horrendous claims, especially as Americans struggle with the medical authoritarianism her boss has enacted on the population.

Jen Psaki will do or say anything to distract from her boss’ utter failures at a time when strong leadership is required. The man can barely utter a sentence, so he must rely on women like Psaki to utter them for him.

No one believes that Donald Trump recommended injecting bleach. This parroted lie, like other constantly repeated lies from Democrats, just goes to show they have nothing else to stand on.

Trump’s policies beat back the pandemic, ensured a safe and effective vaccine, purged migrants during a public health crisis, and returned the economy to it’s former glory.

Biden? He’s hiding in a basement.

Author: Elizabeth Tierney