Donald Trump Demands ‘Fake News’ Lose Prestigious Awards

The Pulitzer Prizes were once a symbol of journalistic excellence. They were once sometime to strive for during an era where reporters held news reporting to an ethical and moral high standard.

Now more than ever, media outlets are too busy with garnering attention, clicks, and ad revenue to even approach reporting on the truth. This fact has become glaringly evident since the rise of Donald Trump’s political career.

Writing an open letter to the Pulitzer Prizes, former President Donald Trump called out the “shoddy, dubious, and manifestly false reporting” by The New York Times and The Washington Post that won the award in 2018.

Trump published the open letter in a statement from his Save America PAC on Sunday.

The Former President highlighted the now-debunked and wholly false Russia collusion hoax, which was force-fed to the American people as truth and a main driver behind his first impeachment.

Trump noted conservative media outlets have exposed the New York Times and Washington Post reporting as spreading clear logical fallacies and narratives that lacked any semblance of evidence or fact.

Trump highlighted the recent Justice Department indictment of a Democratic National Committee-tied lawyer Michael Sussmann, which he wrote “serves as a damning repudiation of the media’s obsession with the collusion story.”

Trump added a warning not only the Times and Post reputations are damaged, but so too will the Pulitzer Prize if it does not “react accordingly.”

While the Pulitzer Prize has been widely recognized and sought after as a significant achievement in the journalism field, it’s now devolved into a handholding anti-Trump group that ostensibly offers up endless rewards for false reporting with noticeable political bias. The journalism industry as a whole has become nothing but a propaganda arm for the Democrat Party.

Trump wrote he would hope the Times and Post return their Pulitzers, but he fully expects them not to, putting the onus on the Pulitzer Prize Board.

Meanwhile, blue-check twitter journalists working for America’s leading newspapers continue to rake in profit for their failed and fallacious reporting on Donald Trump and other Republicans. They’re consistently rewarded – even celebrated – for the misdeeds. In conjunction with elected Democrat elites, journalist at America’s leading mainstream outlets are often given high-level administration positions for their willingness to write kind words and obfuscate the truth.

This breakdown in journalistic excellence and ethics has driven the country into turmoil and utter political divide. The New York Times, Washington Post, et al are wholly responsible for the death, destruction, and divide that plagues America today.