GOP Governors Block Biden – Come Up With Their Own Plan To Save America

Plenty of Americans have wondered why Joe Biden and his administration are letting the border get out of control. Sure, he doesn’t want to be like Donald Trump—but would a president really let one million illegal aliens trample our border and invade our country?

If you’re Joe Biden, then yes, yes you would.

State leaders in Texas and Arizona have petitioned the administration for help in dealing with the endless waves of migrants entering their states. The situation is clearly unsustainable; we can’t keep letting thousands upon thousands of strangers flood our country. Yet Biden has ignored their calls for help.

So, a team of Republican governors is taking matters into their own hands. And they went to the border to announce their plan.

Ten Republican governors gathered in Mission, Texas, on Wednesday where they unveiled a 10-point plan to end Democrat President Joe Biden’s border crisis…

Texas Governor Greg Abbott was joined at the press conference by Arizona Governor Doug Ducey, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp, Idaho Governor Brad Little, Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds, Montana Governor Greg Gianforte, Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine, Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt, and Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon. [Source: Daily Wire]

These governors represent regions in the U.S. that are prime targets for illegal immigration. After crossing the border at Texas or Arizona, aliens often end up in parts across the country.

Their 10-point plan includes a variety of steps to end the flow of illegals into their states. It includes continuing the pandemic-era Title 42 policy, which denies entry out of concern for the virus. They will also fully reinstate the MPP or Remain in Mexico policy. Other steps are finishing the border wall, ending catch and release, clearing the backlog of asylum cases, deporting criminals, eradicating human and drug trafficking, returning to the Northern Triangle agreement, discouraging potential migrants, and deploying more federal officers to the border.

While some of this can be executed by the governors themselves, you probably realized most of this can only happen through the White House. The governors’ goal, in this press conference, is to announce to the country what needs to be done in order for our border to become safe and secure again. Their intentions are to get the public to pressure Biden into accepting these terms.

But because they have no real leverage over Biden in this matter, he has no reason to comply. He has refused to even see them. Biden continues to ignore this crisis, not even acknowledging it during press conferences and interviews. Do we really think he’s going to suddenly listen to these Republican governors?

Their 10-points are sound and, frankly, necessary steps to secure our border. So, naturally, Biden won’t do them. We have seen this administration is not interested in good ideas—or plans that will help Americans.

The only solution is to get people in Congress that will do it, in spite of Biden’s corruption.

Author: Joe Smith