Iran 2.0: Biden Airlifts Cash To Potential Terrorists

Apparently, with Biden, what goes around comes back around…and around…and around.

Just like his boss Former President Barack Obama, the cognitively deficient president is sending taxpayer cash directly to the Middle East. This time instead of Iran, Joe Biden is airlifting American dollars to Afghanistan – the country he’s nearly destroyed.

U.S. and international officials are preparing to airlift U.S. cash into Afghanistan for humanitarian assistance while apparently “denying assets” for the Taliban government and its leaders, according to reports.


What about the $85 billion in military equipment the Taliban now has access to?

U.S. cash is now being distributed throughout Afghanistan via banks in the hopes of delaying humanitarian crises and food shortages. Officials reportedly plan to send $200 in direct cash to Afghans without involving the Taliban.

Exactly how do U.S. officials plan to deny Taliban involvement? Is this another case where we just assume Islamic terrorists will simply do the right thing for its people? Ha!

The U.S. and Europe have reportedly discussed creating an international trust fund to bypass the Taliban government and fund local services. International groups such as the World Food Program and the United Nations are also considering flying in U.S. cash, officials said.

A U.S. Treasury official said the department would allow humanitarian assistance through international and non-governmental organizations, all while using taxpayer cash.

The Taliban takeover of Afghanistan and departure of U.S. troops has led foreign donors and investors to pull billions from the country.

The International Monetary Fund suspended Afghanistan’s access to its resources, including $460 million in emergency reserves on Aug. 18. The World Bank halted aid to Afghanistan one week later due to concerns about “development prospects, especially for women.”

What a joke.

The U.S. also froze billions of dollars in assets from accounts held in Afghanistan’s central bank, a Biden administration official revealed. The move has prevented the Taliban government from accessing an estimated $9.4 billion in international reserves.

Despite their frozen assets, somehow the Taliban finds a way to thrive.

Are you paying attention yet?

Author: Elizabeth Tierney