Senate Democrat Goes Rogue – Tells Everyone What Biden’s Trying To Hide In Afghanistan

Biden’s unplanned and botched withdrawal from Afghanistan resulted in a horrifying humanitarian crisis. Thousands of people tried to flee for their lives, as terror network the Taliban took over the country. Biden had to send back troops to organize an evacuation. We all know how that ended up.

Joe even pulled our troops ahead of the Taliban-imposed deadline of August 31st. Our military claimed only a “few hundred” Americans were still in Afghanistan. To lessen the blow, they also claimed these people wanted to stay in a country now run by killers. But we all know Biden was lying.

And just recently, a Democrat senator is exposing Biden, by revealing how many Americans he helped evacuate.

Senator Richard Blumenthal on Thursday said that nearly 800 Americans and Afghans who were stranded in Afghanistan have made it safely to Qatar.

According to The Hill, the Democrat from Connecticut said two planes were chartered by international development organization Sayara International, in order to fly the civilians out of Mazar-i-Sharif airport. [Source: Just the News]

Blumenthal said they were able to get out 800 stranded Americans and others? That’s a far cry from a “few hundred.” Reports have varied wildly over how many people were stranded in the foreign country. Biden had always tried to downplay the number, but we knew it was always very high.

Over the month of September, we learned that various private efforts were underway to rescue those who were left. But reports came in suggesting the State Department was either blocking flights from getting out or simply ignoring them. Both Democrat and Republican lawmakers blasted the administration for not doing more to help U.S. citizens.

It’s a disgrace that it took so long for this one group to make it to Qatar. They have been stranded in Afghanistan since July. They were left behind by U.S. forces. Even after they got help from private groups, they weren’t able to leave until just now. Why does it seem like Biden’s administration doesn’t care about doing its job?

The State Department says one thing to the press, then does something entirely different. That is pretty much how Biden’s entire administration operates. It talks a big talk in front of the Americans. But, give it a few days, and we see just how ineffective it is at doing basic tasks.

None of this has gone unnoticed by American citizens. Biden continues to fail on nearly every issue he addresses. And Americans are growing more and more impatient. It hasn’t even been a year and Biden’s approval sits around 38%. At this point, it doesn’t seem there is anything he can do to remedy the situation.

Worse than that, he ignores what he could do to help Americans. And he refuses to listen to the will of the people.

Have we ever had a worse president?

Author: Pete Smith