White House Ignores Rising Gas Prices To Fight Invisible Monster

Let’s face it: the Democrats could give a damn about skyrocketing gas prices.

Their plan is simple: First, artificially cause gas prices to rise by cutting off America’s energy independence. Second, do nothing about the rising gas prices, causing Americans to sour on fossil fuels, which creates interest in alternative fuel sources. Third, enact more lockdowns to combat “climate change” and other environmental harms, using gasoline as the lynchpin.

If Americans stop using gasoline, the Biden administration will lift lockdown measures.

It’s all there plain to see. After all, it worked with vaccines didn’t it?

The White House downplayed the concerns of American workers who are struggling at the pump. Adding to their sick priorities, the Biden administration is arguing that the climate crisis is much more important than increases in gas prices – a move that completely disregards how a majority of Americans feel about paying more for at the pump.

“Certainly, we all want to keep gasoline prices low, but the threat of the crisis — the climate crisis — certainly can’t wait any longer,” White House press secretary Jen Psaki said.

She proceeds to manipulate the argument by claiming climate change presents “one of the greatest threats to national security” facing the United States right now, which suggests Americans just have to deal with higher gas prices.

By framing the so-called “climate change crisis” as a threat to national security, the Biden administration can intact a series of overreaching policies that further threaten the livelihoods of many Americans. Additionally, like with vaccines, they can point to the Americans skeptical of this nonsense and say, “Hey! Don’t you care about national security?!” Exactly how they’re currently asking unvaccinated Americans, “Hey! Don’t you care about public health.”

It’s all collectivist, globalist, liberal garbage that should be thrown out and destroyed immediately. If not, this country will face a serious shift toward the Communist left.

Both the U.S. and international benchmarks for crude oil briefly touched multi-year highs this week and remain elevated after OPEC and its Russian counterpart opted not to increase production. Natural gas prices also surged to their highest level in more than a decade while volatility hit an all-time high.

In November, the United Nations will convene a major climate conference where leaders are expected to agree to bolster efforts to combat climate change and attempt to curb future emissions.

Every American should be incredibly concerned with the international globalist community getting together to make broad sweeping edicts and mandates pertaining to the personal lives and individual choices we make.

The existence of the individual is slowly being erased with Biden at the helm. We are now expected to curb our own freedoms and desires for the supposed safety and security of others. That form of twisted altruism intertwined with the State has been a recipe for disaster throughout history. It can not be allowed to continue in the United States.

Author: Asa McCue