CNN’s ‘Slim Jim’ Acosta Has Officially Lost His Mind

What in the world is going on at CNN?

Poor little crybaby Jim Acosta spoke on his nightly program following Donald Trump’s blowout rally in Iowa where thousands upon thousands attended to show their support.

Slim Jim did his usual fearmongering bit about Donald Trump in which he made insane, baseless claims that somehow the Former President is lunging for power yet again so he can create a racist, fascist government that will brutalize anyone that isn’t like him.

But wait, isn’t that EXACTLY what the Democrats are doing?

If you aren’t a liberal whose religion is worshiping minorities; someone who upholds and demands freedom for the individual; a proud American who denies undue authority from governments; a free speech advocate; a citizen against censorship; then be prepared to be labeled as a Nazi, a racist, transphobe, etc.

Jim Acosta gave the camera his puppy dog eyes, heavy with sorrow over the politicians who dare appear with Trump at campaign rallies. He asked:

“And these politicians have to ask themselves, why are you sharing the stage with that man?”

Maybe because they like to win?

It took no time for Acosta to get racial, claiming yet again that Trump is espousing horrific racism by simply telling the truth about a group of people who happen to be currently storming the border.

With liberals, you aren’t allowed to tell the truth if it somehow interrupts with your cognitive dissonance.

“After what he just said about Haitian migrants? When you do stand next to him, ask yourself, can you feel the darkness that fills his soul filling yours, too? Feels cold, doesn’t it?”


Our poor, cold souls!

The CNN host condemned Trump’s comments about Haitian immigrants, which he made on Fox News during an interview with Sean Hannity. The Former President told a very inconvenient truth that liberals cannot bare to hear, one that flies totally against their racialist narrative.

Haiti, a completely backwards country without the medical advances we have here in the United States, not only has an extremely low rate of vaccination, but they have a tremendously high rate of AIDS infection. This is not an opinion Trump touted; it’s fact; numbers you can easily look up yourself. By uttering this fact, Trump is making a case against Joe Biden’s dangerous open border program. This has nothing to do with race, but the likes of Jim Acosta can’t even fathom speaking about a non-white person in anything other than glowing accolades.

Jim went on to continue his “Trump is a racist” platitude from 2015, when then-candidate Trump told similar truths about some Mexican border crossers that were entering the country en masse.

“Trump is still bullying with racist tropes. Just like he did when he called Mexicans immigrants rapists, and just like when he tried to ban Muslims coming into this country. It’s twisted and it’s evil.”

What’s twisted and evil, Jim, is the propaganda you broadcast nightly on your program. You hold water for a party so hellbent on destroying this country, they will deploy every tool possible to condemn and ruin any politician/citizen/person who dares disagree with them. You have the cold soul. You are the fascist.

Author: Elizabeth Tierney